1. Martin Such

    Jamerson & Funk Brothers playing with The Beatles! :)

    YouTube - She's Leaving Home - Motown Version :)
  2. Patrik

    J Pastorious brothers fingers

    Someone here posted a pic of Jaco's brother Felix Pastorius's fingers ages ago. He stretshes over 1st to 6th or 7th fret on a bass. Someone remember this? Can someone send me a pic or link. Thanks!
  3. JanVanHove

    The Buzzard Brothers...

    So far, me and Florin have decreeted ourselves as "Buzzard Brothers". But among the members of this forum, other whorty candidates are sure to exist. Do you think Buzzards rule? Then join our ranks! become a Buzzard Brother! We stand for the rehabilitation of the Buzzard as a worthy...
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