1. AlexandraW521

    Female Bass Cover on Special Edition Warwick Thumb!

    Hey guys! My name is Alexandra Wilson. I'm a female bassist, vocalist, and cosmetologist from Central Illinois. Check out my newest cover of "Love & War" by Otherwise on my Special Edition Warwick Thumb 4-String. Instagram and...
  2. C

    Trussrod Mystery: 1994 Streamer bolt-on?

    Hi Folks Not a Warwick owner.... yet. I have a mystery to solve first. A friend of mine is selling a 1994 Streamer 6-string. He thought it was a Stage II, but it's a bolt-on neck, leading me to suspect that it's a Bolt-on/precursor to the LX (the trussrod cover is gone). But here's the...
  3. I-play-bass

    Streamer Bolt-on

    In a band setting, of course. Also, don't mind the Vocals, they're too loud and the track is un-mixed. And yes that is a safe link.
  4. krkozbassman

    Flatwounds on Thumb Bolt-on 5

    Anyone ever tried flatwounds on Thumb Bolt-on 5? If so, any sound clips?
  5. krkozbassman

    Thumb bolt-on 5 string

    Why are,, etc. discontinuing the thumb bolt-on 5 string? Is this a precursor to Warwick discontinuing this model?
  6. darkwood

    Thumb bass 4 bolt-on slap

    Hey guys, i´m thinking to buy a warwick thumb 4 and i wan to do slap but i don´t know whats the sound of this bass. I cant probe one. Any opinions or videos of this bass slapping. Thansk.
  7. S

    Streamer Bolt-on 1994

    Hi I am considering buying a streamer bolt-on 94 model. I have searched for information on the streamer bolt-on however the one i may purchase is slightly different from the specs i have found on the internet. Its has black hardware and it has a seven piece neck. Does anyone have any...
  8. H

    Streamer 6 Bolt-on 94

    Hello i'm searching information about a warwick streamer bolton 94 6 strings the serial number is K-000037-94 i would like to know, what are the woods, preamp and the price it may cost on second hands thank you very much hybass
  9. krkozbassman

    2002 Thumb Bolt-on 5

    I have a 2002 Thumb Bolt-on 5 Does anyone have ALL the exact specs on this year/model? It seems to have a 4-piece neck and a 3-piece body, is this right? Also, what is the headstock veneer made of? Thanks, P.S. This is the greatest bass ever, shhh don't tell my Fender!
  10. A

    streamer bolt-on 1993-1995 series

    hi to everybody i m going to buy a second hand 5 string streamer bolt-on, 1993 series but i can't undestand which model is this: on the truss rod cover there is written just "streamer bass", it has chrome hardware and MEC pick-up switching active/passive... it seems to be a streamer LX...
  11. T

    Staining or Painting bolt-on Neck

    Does anyone know why the CS doesn't offer a stain or paint option for the necks of a bolt-on bass?
  12. bassus_play

    Thumb 5 Bolt-on

    I need to ask a question about Thumb BO 5 strings bassguitar...One of our mates from Xbass Community wants to know the spacing between bridge and first pickup, upper side and down side, considering that the pups are angled and not parallel with the bridge.
  13. NeonVomit

    Thumb Bolt-on v.s Neck thru

    Hey there, I'm new here. Right so, here's a question. I'm thinking about getting a Thumb bolt-on 6string. But... is it really worth the extra 1000Euro for the neck-through? What are the differences between the two apart from the obvious neck construction, woods and electronics? I...
  14. jbutterworth

    The elusive Streamer Bolt-on! who has one? NOT LX's

    There seems to be little information out there about these basses! From what I gather they were made in the early to mid 90's of either French Cherry or maple. Mine is a custom shop 6 string lined frettless with birdseye maple that I bought secondhand from Marcbass. If anyone out there...
  15. R

    Thumb 5 bolt-on with Bartolini pickups

    Hey nice to meet u Warwickers here haha..... I got a problem here need u guys' help..... A fren of mine goin to sell me a Thumb bolt-on with Bartolini pickups , n im still thinking of wanna take it or not (my country here doesn't got a warwick dealer) Coz im worried that Bartolini...
  16. eude

    HELP - info on my Thumb Bolt-On please

    Hi there, I own a 5 String Thumb Bass Bolt-On, which I bought new back in 1998. The serial number is >> A 044256-98 Here's the specs, as far as I'm aware, correct me if I'm wrong please. Body >> Bubinga Neck >> Wenge Fingerboard >> Wenge MEC Jazz pickups 2 Band EQ with Active/Passive...
  17. Daywalker

    Streamer Stage I vs. Thumb Bolt-on Dirty Blonde

    I have a chance to pick up a practically new Streamer Stage I - 4 for a great price. Only thing is, I'm really stuck on how beautiful the Dirty Blonde is. Can someone help me decide? I really like the tone and looks of both, so it's really a tough choice. Anyone who has experience with one...
  18. scottm

    Colors on Thumb bolt-on?

    I have a couple of warwicks and would like to add another Thumb bolt-on. I would like to add a color stain to the bass and wounder if the ovangkol dark colored would will influnce the stain. Will a Honey Violin stain turn out dark because of the dark ovangkol wood. The US distributer's site...
  19. marcbass

    LED's on Bolt-on

    Anyone who knows if you can get LED's on a BOLT-ON bass? Since the cables go from the battery up the NECK.. :roll: :roll: :?: :?: :?:
  20. bassplayer

    Warwick Thumb Bolt-on versus Warwick Streamer LX

    Hy! I would like to buy a broadneck 6-stringer. I have two favourite models: Thumb Bolt-on and Streamer LX. My questions to the Warwick Thumb Bolt-on and Streamer LX owners are: 1 - Which one should I buy and why? 2 - Which are the pro and the contra arguments? P.S.: I opened a...
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