tc electronics

  1. Augie

    New Cab Day-tc Rs212

    Have my days of deadlifting 100 pound cabs finally come to an end? I hope so. I managed to find a good condition TC Electronics RS 212 cab second hand. Its a lightweight is can, 24 kg, so while its not a super portable, being fairly deep as well its not tiny, its much easier to handle than my...
  2. B

    1990 Warwick Streamer Stage I (modded with Nordstrand big singles) video clip

    Hi everyone, here is a few clips of me playing my Warwick Streamer Stage I (1990, modded with Nordstrand big singles) the amp im going through is a TC Electronics RH450 and RS210 cab. Let me know what you think. Thanks Bass improvisation:
  3. drews

    Corkscrew dolphin

    well, this for DiMarco and Vonk, that said they wanted to hear my new friend's tone. There are so many mistakes in the execution that I thought not to post it, but, I won't have time to do anything better. Maybe if I recorded it a bucket of beer before it would've been better. First there's...
  4. drews

    Everything's gonna sound different (TC RH450)

    Well, My new baby has arrived. Had little time to play with it, but have already found some useful sounds. Let's see what comes up... Couldn't buy the cabinets, shipping WAY TO EXPENSIVE, so I ordered a Warwick 115 pro that should arrive in one week. The MRS. is not very happy, because the...
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