1. albertforns

    Replacement of Thumb NT6 '89 frets? and the adjustable nut?

    Hi people. I need your advice: I have a '89 NT6 Thumb and I am wondering of replacing the frets. Now they're quite worn out and smooth (I think they had even been filed someday). I guess that replacing them with frewsh ones I will improve in sound and playability. Don't you think? So...
  2. lrilli

    Thumb NT6 - OK w/Bartolini 3-band ?

    Hi, I'm thinking to replace the original electronic of my Thumb NT6 (too much hiss...). Anyone experienced 3-band Bartolini NTMB-918F? Could I use the 3.4 harness (http://www.bartolini.net/information/harnesses/hr_3_4.htm) out-of-the-box? Tx for your help. Cheers Loris
  3. lrilli

    Thumb NT6, less neck-dive (Gotoh Tuners)

    Hi, just wanted to share with you the outcome of my recent machine heads swap on my Thumb NT6. I swapped the standard tuners with Gotoh GB350 RES-O-LITE. Ordered them here http://ssl.bfit.jp/~jby/ Price 113 EURO incl. shipment to Luxembourg. Only 32gr/tuner. While there is still way for...
  4. Patrik

    Thumb NT6 repaired and arrived... :-)

    WOOOHOOO!!! I'm leaving work now to pick up my CS Thumb NT-6. It's been on repair since December last year. It had two 1" cracks in the fretboard. From what I heard they have changed the fretboard and also made a complete makeover of the bass. Pictures later.....
  5. Patrik

    Thumb NT6 for sale.....

    Oh no no, not mine but I found this: http://guitare.playback-europe.com/warwick-thumb_6-7133.html 2640 €! Isn't that a pretty good price?
  6. Patrik

    Got it! Thumb NT-6

    Finally got it! Thumb NT-6!!! It's a CS with LEDs. Will receive it IRL in about a week. :P
  7. JPT

    Thumb Nt Collection

    Thumb NT 6-string fretless, coromandel fingerboard (1993) Thumb NT 6-string, wenge fingerboard (1989) Thumb NT 6-string fretless, palisander fingerboard (1990) Thumb NT 6-string, wenge fingerboard (1991) Thumb NT 6-string fretless, ebony fingerboard (1991)
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