Warwick Reverso 5bobn


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Dec 15, 2013
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Of course it does not exist.
The bass is currently in a box in a UPS center. When I receive it, I'll go see our friend and Luthier @Marcoelwray , so he can work some magic : Rout a larger neck pocket, put a 5BN bridge, and of course, design a new neck.

Why go to such extent ? Because the only thing I didn't like about the reverso was the penscil neck. (the one Hardy loves :) )
And today, I mainly play Five-strings. And I love a 5-strings P-bass. And the Reverso Shape.
I'll see how it turns out. And probably repaet this process when I can get my hands on a Buzzard Bolt On.
So, stay tuned. It'll take a few months, but I think it'll be great to have comments and the realisation of this.

My two main concerns are : routing the neck pocket will have a weird effect on the body shape. And the pickups will probably have to be changed, unless the EMG p-6 can work on those, but the measurments I made have no safety net, so I'll need to check with the real bass in hands.
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