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Warwick German Proseries Streamer Stage I (maple), Anyone?

Discussion in 'Bass Guitars' started by Orlan, Aug 3, 2020.

  1. Orlan


    Feb 5, 2008
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    Orlando Naranjo
    Hello, everybody. Long Time...

    Have you played any of these GPS Streamer Stage basses?

    Warwick ProSeries Streamer Stage I 4st【Burgundy Red Satin】Made In German | Kurosawa Music Ochanomizu | Reverb

    I've just seen one on Reverb that has a maple body ando curious to know if it's as (near) good as the real thing.

    The price Is not bad at all and offers are accepted.

    It doesn't have a JAN Brass III (but one could be bought) , and a 3 band EQ. And has silver frets.

    Flamed maple neck and body looks nice, just like 90's and 00's Streamers... has the same pickups.

    Is neck size the same as current masterbuild Streamers and Is there a difference with that hardware?

    Considering the price and
    the maple body/neck might be a good option.

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  2. bassment73


    Sep 16, 2015
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    North Yorkshire, England, UK
    Hi there.

    I can't comment on the GPS Streamer Stage I specifically, but I do own 2 fairly new GPS Streamer LXs that I have been able to compare to my 1990's LX models. This is what I have found.

    The majority of hardware is essentially the same. The EQ circuits and pickups are the same. The Tedur JAN III is sonically similar to the older JAN II. One of my older LX's has a brass JAN I and this does impart a little more brightness and piano-like tone for freshly installed strings. Difference is less noticeable once the strings have worn in and aged.

    The nickel silver frets (to me) don't sound or feel any different, but I do think the brass frets are very hard wearing and so will probably last longer. I've seen lots of modern Fenders with worn nickel silver frets and no older Warwicks with worn brass frets, so there might be something in that.

    My old LXs have maple bodies and wenge necks, the GPS ones have cherry bodies and ovangkol necks. My GPS LXs are a tad warmer and open sounding, but overall pretty close sound-wise. Necks feel similar because my 90s lXs have the slimmer profile necks, as do the GPS ones. German Warwicks from around 2002 to 2009 (I think) had pretty chunky profile necks.

    That bass you showed in link does look good, but just bear in mind that you could pick up a good used older Stage I for less than 1300 USD.