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For Sale: Warwick Dolphin 5 Custom Order

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Vovanmetal, Mar 3, 2019.

By Vovanmetal on Mar 3, 2019 at 11:49 AM
  1. Vovanmetal


    Mar 3, 2019
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    Moscow, Russia
    $ 3000.
    For sale only.
    Custom order bass with Bartolini pickups. There is no more another one in the world.
    International shipment after full prepayment.

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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Vovanmetal, Mar 3, 2019.

    1. Henrythe8
    2. Vovanmetal
    3. Ross
      Hi. Lovely looking bass. I had a 1989 Boire 4 String Dolphin but could not get used to the wider strung spacing. I prefer the spacing as on my 1989 Thumb 4. Is the spacing on this similar to the thumb? Whee is the bass shipping from? Any chance of some more photos? What year is it? Do you have any original sales info specifications? Have you had it from new? Thanks.
    4. DiMarco
      Hi Ross, nice to see you on the forum. My guess is the wide nut on the '89 Pro1 4string was the problem as the stringspacing further down the neck is pretty normal. A 5 string pro1 has a 45mm nut and the regular 16.5mm spacing just like a Thumb 5. I believe the 1989 4 string had a whopping 44mm nut (a lot for a 4 string) and not everyone can get along with that.
    5. Ross
    6. Ross
      Hi Marco, Cheers!...knowledgeable as always. That would make the Dolphin 5 ideal, spacing wise. However, she’s expensive and not sure where I would have import taxes on it untill I hearbwjere it’s being shipped from. I’m also a little concerned as I never really liked the later Warwicks from the 2000’s so not sure how this Dolphin would compare to a late 80’s Streamer or Thumb. Have you any knowledge of this one for sale. As there are not that many around- guys in the know are usually in the know! Thanks and nice chatting. That 4 string was beautiful and had a great ability to be heard in any mix- better than my thumb anyway- seemed to jump out, maybe that’s the Bartaloni’s?
    7. Henrythe8
      DiMarco is correct. 44mm nut width for the Dolphin Pro1 and Buzzard as standard.
      This one has a narrower string spacing, like a 38,5mm nut.
      This one has the same p’ups as the 89 one, batolinis. A dtaple in the sound of those early dolphins. I’d bet that it has a nice midrange, maybe less nasal and more throaty due to the woods.
      I’d be all over it if it had a Broadneck :)
    8. Ross
      Thanks for chiming in!... that describes the sound of my '89.... a quick google and I see it's on reverb too with more photos.
      Do ye think that looks like a crack or a scrape ??...thank!

      Warwick Dolphin 2011 Custom Order 5 strings
    9. Dazed
      Kinda hard to tell but I’d take a guess that is a scratch.

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    10. Vovanmetal
      This bass has the 45mm nut and the regular 16.5mm spacing just like a Thumb NT 5 or Streamer Stage 2 5. But the neck is a little bit thinner than Thumb NT 5 and Streamer Stage 2 5 have.
      This stuff on photo is a scratch, not a crack.

      Now bass is sold.
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