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Volume Output - Tubepath 5.1

Discussion in 'Bass Amps & Cabinets' started by beany2510, Nov 13, 2018.

  1. beany2510


    Feb 19, 2008
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    Coleshill, UK
    Hi All, its been a while since posting, my apologies.
    I have recently acquired a tubepath 5.1, its in ok condition externally and internally, but initial playthru seemed reather low in volume, tonally great, but quiet. a good friend and Tech that has his own warwick kit has checked it out, replaced the tubes, and generally given it his blessing but.....
    Theres a mod on the power board that has a note written inside the casing (about a blue pot "clockwise = more limiting).
    the volume is still low. (for example my darkglass mt500 - gain on 5, volume on 2 is crazy loud), the gain on 8 volume on 8 is nowhere near.
    The mute button doesnt work.
    anyone else run a tubepath or have any thoughts, i could ask my tech to undo the mods, but then im into cost vs worth.
    thanks, i'll post a few pics via phone in a moment.