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For Sale: Unique 1988 Thumb 5 Nt, New Price 1600 Euro

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Lorenzo, Aug 17, 2017.

By Lorenzo on Aug 17, 2017 at 12:48 PM
  1. Lorenzo


    Sep 27, 2008
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    thumb_001_137.jpg ThumbBack1.jpg ThumbBack2.jpg ThumbLowerHorn.jpg ThumbNeck.jpg Great condition. EMG pick-ups. 2000 euros plus shipping. Bass is in Paris. Delivery to London possible

Love this 88 Thumb for its unique wings

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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Lorenzo, Aug 17, 2017.

    1. Madmaskbass
      good luck mate! I fell in love with this bass and tried to get it but the shipping and exchange was eye wateringly dear. double the cost of the bass! Such an awesome thing. Lorenzo is a lovely bloke.
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    2. SchoolOrchestra
      That sucks that you missed out like that. I spent years navigating similar things with shipping to Australia.

      Now I'm actually an Aussie living in the USA, so there's no issues here with customs or anything like that. It's going to be tough to track it down though at a guess. The buyer and seller both don't look to be posting here anymore. Please do hit me up if you have contact info for Lorenzo, might be my best shot to track it down : )
    3. Hoggles
      Just in case you weren't aware, you can send a private message by clicking on their name and choosing "start a conversation". Chance they'll see it in their email.

      Hopefully "Oil" still has it and loves it...but, it's worth an inquiry. Good luck :)
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    4. SchoolOrchestra
      Embarassingly sensible post, I too hope Oil still has and loves the bass. But agree 110 percent here, appreciate the heads up : )