Teambuilt Vs. Rockbass Hardware


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Jul 6, 2017
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@Rehan Hearing is something very psychological.
Espicially if you spend some money and time to change the bridge. So without a blind test or a blind hearing of to before and after recordings it is hard to proof, if you are right.
If the weight of the brigde is higher, less energy of the string flows into the body. So there is not more resonance in the body, it is less. And more sustain therefore.
If you speak about electric instruments, it will be always different to acoustic ones.

Physically spoken you can't add all the time more weight on the bridge. There is a certain point where it doesn't make any difference anymore.
So i personally would go with @Florin :)
Jan 14, 2009
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By the way when I AB’d the bridges, within a period of 2 hours I started with cast bridge, changed to brass bridge, changed back to cast and then changed back to brass again. I set the intonation the same by sight on both bridges to make swapping easy. Played the same lines each time. I was secretly hoping I would not hear a difference because it would be easier on my bank account LOL

‘Resonance‘ may have been the wrong word to use. What I could feel is the whole bass vibrating more with the brass bridge as opposed to when the cast bridge was on.

Also, I don’t think Warwick is trying to rip their customers off by charging a large amount of money for the brass bridge for absolutely no reason.

Anyway, @Stainless I am not asking anyone to go with me. :p I’m also not trying to argue with @Florin or anyone else. :) This is my experience and opinion that I am sharing.

That is why I said:
Some people hear and feel the difference and some people do not. Obviously, if you don’t hear a difference then you will not want to spend the extra money to upgrade > and that is ok. Because as I said before, the Warwick cast bridge is still great and sounds better than a lot of other bass bridges in the market.
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Oct 28, 2006
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If you hear or feel a difference, you should play with brass bridge. I am a tone freak myself, I am one of the guys that buys expensive cables for sounding more 3d LOL. I guess it depends on the playing too. If you have a softer touch and rely on sustain, it might be a bigger difference, I am a heavy hitter myself, and to me it sounded about the same. I like the idea of having a brass bridge though :)
Sep 19, 2011
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You'll definitely notice a difference in weight between the brass and the cast versions :)
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