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For Trade: Status Buzzard Ii

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Col, Mar 26, 2020.

By Col on Mar 26, 2020 at 2:27 PM
  1. Col


    Aug 17, 2007
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    Wales UK
    Status Graphite Buzzard II ::
    Up for tradeis this very rare and WHITE HOT custom order early Status Buzzard 2 in blackburst. Superb condition with no dings, knocks or scratches. Alder body with black hardware, graphite neck with roman numeral inlays and red side LEDs. Comes with the original Status full fitted flightcase and all paperwork inc order sheet & invoice. An early model that sports the ' Buzzard' logo prior to legal issues between the Entwistle estate, Warwick and Status to which this bass was not connected except in name. An amazingly flexible 18v EQ fed by Status Hyperactive pups. The electrics and control layout are exactly the same as in its big brother. This bass comes with original paperwork, invoice & case candy.
    A collectors piece or a bass for someone looking for something seriously unusual that really does do everything. These are exceedingly rare and the old ones even more so, they were made strictly on an order only basis and really is quite special. Located in West Wales

    Trade for Dolphin Pro 1 4 or 5 string - P-Nut or other interesting basses

    8E57E0F3-756E-4849-840D-ED6DA625E738.jpeg 6E0E76F8-B68D-48DA-AD91-F02C43F530B9.jpeg C400B6E4-12D5-4316-A975-4BC3AD7B29C8.jpeg
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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by Col, Mar 26, 2020.

    1. PizzaFiend
      Wow! That's a beautiful thing! If I buy this one, will you trade with me? ;)
    2. Col
      Hi mate, I’m glad you like the Buzzard. The Dolphin 2 looks great but isnt the model I’m after. Thanks for the offer.
      cheers. Col
    3. PizzaFiend
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    4. Col
      Yes indeed, I dont agree with the pricing but what im after is in the advert really. I’m interested in a Dolphin Pro 1 or a German PNut. Other interesting basses of similar quality. The Dolphin Pro2 You offered is a lower spec model with bolt on neck and significantly cheaper Furniture and electronics. This Status is a very special and rare model which will need a bass of similar stature to tempt me to part with it. Hope that makes my expectations clearer.
      Ps: trading from the states to UK incurs 20% tax so the bass will need to take that value into account to make it viable. As far as Im currently aware this doesnt apply to Europe yet until Brexit is completed.
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    5. PizzaFiend
      Yes, I was joking about the Dolphin 2 :D
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    6. Col
      Lol well if you dont try you never know. Id have to pay £500 gbp to get the Pro 1 into the country. Too much to pay just to get across a border.
      Im very tempted to try and raise cash for the Buzzard 5 string Custom Shop. Now that would see me happy for life.. gorgeous!
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    7. PizzaFiend
      Right! I'd be surprised if there weren't other fees as well. Here, we pay hefty import duties on items made from exotic woods.
    8. PizzaFiend
      I also am aware of what you have there. I've been resisting having one built to a very similar spec, but it would lack the cool Buzzard logo.
    9. Col
      I know, its now a B2, plus mine has the lovely side LEDs
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    10. PizzaFiend
      Side LEDs are still an option as far as I know :)
    11. Col
      Good luck with getting what you want mate
      PM me if you wanna discuss anything
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