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Some New Forum Rules

Discussion in 'News& Support' started by Hector, Mar 10, 2020.

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  1. Hector

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    Feb 23, 2016
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    Hi Everyone,

    As you are probably aware, Warwick and Framus work hard to be produce world class basses and guitars, as well as helping to create a friendly atmosphere for musicians all around the world.

    We also like to hope this forum can offer a friendly atmosphere for all forum members.

    What that means is that the following types of content are not permitted on this forum:

    "Not Safe For Work" (NSFW) Content

    This includes, but is not limited to, posting of text, images or links to images or sites that contain:

    - Sexual acts, nudity / partial nudity, underwear / swimwear images, sexually provocative images, discussions or advice about sex, etc.

    - Drugs

    - Gore

    - Offensive or hate speech of any kind (racial, gender, religious, sexual preference / orientation or other)

    - Crude or indecent language, whether aimed at members of this forum or not

    - Adult themed stories or jokes

    - Links to external websites that specifically contain adult or offensive content

    Examples include, but are not limited to: anything that contains content of a sexual or provocative nature, images, animations, cartoons, emoticons, gore (animal or human), drug usage, animals procreating, human or animal waste, profanity in images, violence, sex dolls/toys, genitalia (human/animal), animal cruelty, etc.

    Other Taboo Subjects

    There are also a few taboo subjects that should never be discussed on this forum, either in a thread or in the chat, as they may create unnecessary animosity between members. These taboo subjects include:

    - Religion

    - Politics

    If you see another member posting anything that goes against these rules, we ask that you please PM @Hector with a link to the thread or post.

    The content will be removed and warnings and/or bans will be given out to those post such content, depending on the severity of the content or to those that continue to post prohibited content after specifically being warned not to do so.

    That being said, this forum isn't called the Good Vibe Zone for nothing! You're all great people, and you are who make this forum great! We only ask that you please help us try and keep it that way.


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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.