Re-working Streamer Stage Obp 2 Band Preamp

Oct 30, 2018
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I would welcome any advice on some electronics in a bass.

I have my first ever Streamer on it's way to me neck week. It's a used Stage 1 from 2000 but it's been fitted with EMG active pickups and an 18v Aguilar OBP 2 preamp and the controls currently (I think) V /V/T/B.

With all things being good with the bass I would like to either change the preamp (if i don't care for the tone) or alter the controls so that I can have a dual control stack/concentric pot for Volume/blend with the actice/passive pull control. I realise this would leave me with one pot spare not doing anything, unless I could just leave the blend control out of the wiring and still have two Volumes. Or maybe the spare pot could be used as a passive tone control? I would like the option to be able to switch to passive.. and I do tend to prefer basses passive but sometimes on gigs when I need to adjust my sound to the stage/room quickly I can see how active pres do have their uses.

The other option would be to either replace the OBP 2 with the 3 band version or another manufacturer of a 3 band preamp - so it's layout would be like how the original MEC is laid out on normal Warwicks. What would be people suggest as a replacement 3 band pre - It would be nice if, when set flat the bass sounds the same as it does passive

I like EMGs in my Corvette (which i run with passive electronics V/V/T so willing to give them a go, tho I do love Nordstrands these days.

Would love to hear your thoughts, Wanted a Streamer since I started playing bass in the mid 90s, never seemed to actually get one until now tho. Always been a lover of Warwick basses but unfortunately at the start of my career the fell out of fashion and shuned by producers I worked with, so had to use Fenders... my old Fender Jazz from those days is now knackered where as my corvette and thumb are still going strong and sound great!


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Nov 19, 2009
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Passive tone is an excellent addition since it dials out some of the trebs in a very different way then an active treble pot does.
I can imagine sometimes dialing out some of the bridge pickup volume to get a more oldskool pbass like tone but hardly ever doing the opposite. Therefor vol/vol versus vol/bal isn't that much of a difference.
Of all my active basses that have the option to use them passive, I never use passive mode on any of them. So I suggest you first take some time to get to know the bass as is, it might just be perfect already.

Might you still want to upgrade afterwards, have a look at the John East uni-pre 4 knob .
  • No soldering required
  • vol+bal stacked pot
  • push/pull for treble boost at 10k on the bass+treb stacked pot
  • Passive tone control with push/pull for activating passive mode
  • stacked mids pot with sweep frequncy
  • internal trim pots for selecting the treble freq and bass roof+floor frequencies.
  • internal jumper for selecting flat or slightly scooped default EQ
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