RB Streamer NT 5 fretless nut problems.

Dec 17, 2021
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I’ve taken delivery of a new (2019 going by the serial #, purchased from an AU dealer) RB Streamer NT fretless 5 with an interesting problem - the JAN III at it’s lowest setting has the B string 2.5mm off the fretboard (G string c 1.75mm) which is way too high for a fretless in my book and the Video adjustment method cannot be performed. The JAN replacement video suggests sanding the bottom of the JAN, in other places I see mention of a fretless JAN which I cannot find on the store.
Forgetting that the bass should not have shipped with what looks like a nut for a fretted bass, should I sand the JAN or look for a fretted nut in the correct place?
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