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Jan 6, 2018
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Steve Gregory
… and at some point Josh mentions the MXR Bass Distortion and what caught my attention was he said it is based on my beloved RAT circuit, let’s say it is basically a RAT “re-thinked“ for bass.
Yes! Great pedal! I used to have this. I traded it away a few years ago, and I regret it a bit. It has a lot of different sounds in it and works great in the mix. I only traded it because it wasn't on my gig board, and someone I knew needed a bass distortion, and offered me a chorus pedal for it. I wasn't feeling my chorus at the time, so I took a gamble. I've been tempted to buy this one again.
Dec 15, 2008
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I'm starting to get that Darkglass itch. I've never even tried one of their pedals. In this video, the Alpha Omicron wins it for me, with B3K in second place.

I've been using the old B3K for a while and think it's killer. I love the nasty growl it has, but still might be going for the alpha-omicron later.
Btw. I also have the Vintage Microtubes, which does a great job at being a nice Overdrive, so it's a super combination with one of the heavier distortion pedals.
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