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For Sale: Paddle Head Streamer N°343

Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by lucales, Jun 27, 2018.

By lucales on Jun 27, 2018 at 11:55 AM
  1. lucales


    Apr 3, 2015
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    Brittany, France
    with regrets, once again, I have to let it go ....

    this 1984 Streamer Paddle Head, n°343....

    EMG pup's and elec, (and a kill switch)
    every part are genuine,
    the neck is as thin as my 1964 L serie JB,
    and I must say it's a real pleasure to play this instrument. It makes you think you play well !

    fingerprints on the black cover....
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
    damn fingerprints...
    this bass is in a very good condition, the neck is perfect, ... everything is OK !

    I will not sell this to MrNobody .... but I have to sell it, because 17 basses are toooooo many for two hands.
    And I have to buy a 89 4string Dolphin pro I.

    I ask 1900 euros,
    can be discussed on the limit of decence
    bass in France, can be sent on a Flight Case

    let's talk about it !

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Discussion in 'For Sale: Bass Stuff' started by lucales, Jun 27, 2018.

    1. Hoggles
      Sad to see you have to let this go. Beauty.

      Couple of things in your description. I think the paddle heads in the 300's, would have been from 1984 -85 .... '84 at the earliest. Also, this wasn't technically a Stage 1. Just Streamer :)

      Good luck with this and the Dolphin!
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    2. lucales
      yup streamer only, you're right.

      I received a mail from HP , , after I asked for an identification,
      here's an extract ;

      ..."from 1982 and a real old one with the
      first Headstock cover and without an Logo or inlay in the headstock.. where crazy time in my life.. I was 26 year old..."

      I really dont know, maby an error ?

      I'll correct the title
    3. Hoggles
      Interesting. I think this may be a case where HP doesn't remember correctly.

      Schlo's paddle head thread...
      The Spector Headstock Streamer Thread

      We can confirm with Schlo, but I always thought the very first few paddle heads we're from the very end of '83, but more like the start of '84. According to what he mentions in that thread, yours could even be from '85, because Schlo says he thinks paddle heads only went up to 345 or so. So this could be one of the very last paddles. Does it have the "licensed by Spector" on the back?

      Regardless, she's a beauty and good luck with the sale :)
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    4. lucales
      you must be right.
      I correct it .

      I must say that I'd prefer to sell the dolphin first, because I think I could regret this one... :)
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    5. Hoggles
      Haha, yes. No shame in keeping a work of art and collectors piece. That you can also play whenever you want :D
    6. schlobodan
      I believe this was mine - late 85 one of the last paddleheads made.

      show us some pics :)
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    7. lucales
      Heres's the entire mail I received from HP,
      my mistake, I understood this bass was a 82 one.

      - I go to the luthier's shop tomorrow, so Iwill send new pics soon :)

      this is a Bass from 1984.. maybe february or March.. but not older.... from 1982 and a real old one with the
      first Headstock cover and without an Logo or inlay in the headstock.. where cracy time in my life.. I was
      26 year old, no money.. nothing.., had to stay between December 1983 and January 1984 without any heating
      at home.., just a electro radiator.. and no warm water.. was a terrible time in my life.. but well to go
      over this situation it took 20 years.. since 2005 the times a better for me, my company and my life.. but
      The Bass is from this time.. here the specs..

      - Bass Streamer Stage I
      4 string
      Serial Number 343
      Year 1984
      Month February or March
      Number 343
      Neck Wood Wenge Wood with Anegre Lamination
      Fingerboard Wenge Wood
      with real mother of Dot Pearl inlays
      Frets Jumbo Nickle/Silver Fretts
      Nut Brass Nut
      Neck construction Neckthrough
      Body 2 pcs. Anegre Wood, solid
      Surface Oil Finish
      Pickups 2 active EMG PJ Pickups
      Electronic active MEC 2 Band Electronic
      Hardware Gold Hardware made by Schaller for Warwick
      Made in West Germany in Pretzfeld, Franconia "
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    8. jester
      Self made man (and awesome company). Respect.
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    9. lucales
      "licensed By Spector" on the T.R cover on the Headstock.

      pics added
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    10. Think
      Is it a crack or just the vein of the wood?
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    11. lucales
      Absolutely no cracks on this bass.
      I will post a detailed picture of that part
    12. schlobodan
      when I got the bass it had an xlr jack and a kill switch and a bad sanding job and the aforementioned crack that became visible when tightening the rod

      As I had no time to bring the baby back to life I sold it to lucales.

      So looking at it now it seems somebody did a good job - it looks line new :)
    13. lucales
      yep, I took a very long time to study, talk with my luthier, and make sure that everything on this bass will be good , before selling it.

      I founded a real genuine 80's Jack
      we assured together of the good health of the TR,
      and indeed there is a big vein which could be turned on a big crack if a good job hasn't been done :
      (my english is not good enough to explain technical details, but I try to explain)

      now, I can assure that this bass is in a very good health, and a pro luthier's certificate will be delivered with it.

      your answer "crack or vein" scared me a lot,
      the thing is that my phone's cam exagerate this kind of details, and to be honnest I mistook by using a Dunlop cream (carnuba I think ?) to clean the bass before the sale instead of wax...., and damn , on Wenge there's a lot of white dried cream that I am loosing hours to wash

      If I don't change my mind and keep it because.. AAAARGH this sound


      and Thanks, Schlo
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