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New Track From My Italian Jazz/funk Band (thumb Bo Inside!)

Discussion in 'Your Music' started by Zaitor, May 20, 2018.

  1. Zaitor


    Feb 23, 2011
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    Catania, Italy
    Alright, so... where to start? It's been years since I last posted on this forum. After years of longing for it, I've finally purchased a Warwick Thumb! It is a BO model, from 2001, Ovangkol body + Ovangkol neck, and it sounds gorgeous! I'll have a hard time going back to my Corvette Std. for quite a while.

    Anyway, I wanted to share some of my recent work with you:
    Usmate Velate, by Dalmata A Metano

    I am currently experimenting with the joys and sorrows of home recording. Learning how to properly mix and master is harder than I thought. Nevertheless, it is always fun to record my Thumb. This is also the first time I approached a bass solo in a recording.

    Any feedback would be appreciated :)

    The lyrics are in italian, which I can imagine it can be quite limiting when trying to share my music internationally.
    For who might be curious, they revolve around a play of words on the name of a small town near Milan, Usmate Velate. The actual origin of the name is totally different, but one night, after a beer or two, we noticed a more creative and interesting meaning: "Usmare" is a dialectal term for sniffing, smelling. And "Velate" is an adjective meaning "disguised". Basically the name could translate to something like "disguised sniffs".
    So we came up with this crazy stupid story in which a guy visits this town, where there is a zombie outbreak due to a virus which spreads through the nose, and the zombies have a very fine sense of smell, and he runs away trying to cover its odour by diving into a river nearby to avoid being spotted.

    If you like it, have a listen also to the other two tracks!
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  2. jester

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    Zombies are normally bad news, unless a Thumb BO is involved. :)