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New Framus Diablo 2 And Panthera 2

Discussion in 'Guitars and Guitar Amps' started by Hector, Jan 29, 2019.

  1. Hector

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    Feb 23, 2016
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    For 2019 Framus has come out with the Framus Diablo II which is taking several design ques from the Panthera II.


    On the Teambuilt Progressive X and Supreme models they have axed the rosewood fretboard in favour of ebony, which will help with CITES, so that's a good thing. but they have left it on the cheaper Pro model, which is unfortunate.

    It seems the Masterbuilt Diablo II versions Progressive X and Supreme have ebony as well, but the Supreme X has rosewood.

    Personally, I remain skeptical on the looks, but guitars usually look better in real life compared to photos, so I'll reserve judgement until I can see one!

    Also, they have launched the Panthera II Studio Supreme: en/Framus---Products--Guitars-and-Amps--E-Guitars--Pro-Series---Teambuilt--Pro-Series---Teambuilt--Panthera-II--Panthera-II-Studio-Supreme---New-2019--Pictures.html
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