Latitude Infinity-- For Those Who Don't Know Where It's At-

Mar 3, 2009
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With the Heartbreakers anthology hopefully coming out mid-December- January and my wish to get some complimentary copies out to some of my European Warwick bro’s, and that I would like to visit some in person, I figured that perhaps I ought to put a face to my sometimes non-sequitur and arcane ramblings-

So a partial reveal from a couple nights ago, albeit a bit weary after arm wrestling a number of glasses for more than a bit of blonde ale-


The next morning- dear me, the older I get, the more my Germanic and Nordic roots (and I don’t mean the gray lines!) tend to show-


As opposed to a pic back in March earlier this year- they say the easiest way for a man to lose ten years is to cut their hair! But I’m not-

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