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Jack Bruce Signature Thumb Model History

Discussion in 'Bass Guitars' started by Hoggles, Nov 10, 2019.

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    Here is the known list of Jack Bruce Signature Thumb's I could find. These are all of the "official" models, that have their own inlay or placard, that (as far as I can tell) were available to the public. There is one exception and that would be the special 2012 build. I'll get to that a little later.

    I've asked HP to give me feedback if this list is incorrect or incomplete in any way (just waiting to hear back). I'm mostly perplexed by one thing...and that is under "Model History" on the Warwick website, they list the first Jack Bruce Sig being made in 1988. As far as I know, this is incorrect. Or at least it was never available to the public. Maybe it was only available to Jack. Again, I've asked HP and we'll see if he remembers :)

    Official JB Thumb Sig Models:

    1990: Bubinga/Wenge fretless (peace sign)
    1991: Lacewood/Wenge fretted (peace sign)
    1992: Bubinga/Wenge fretted (peace sign)
    2002: Bubinga/Ovangkol fr/fl
    2004: Bubinga/Ovangkol fr/fl
    2007: Bubinga/Ovangkol fr/fl
    2010: Bubinga/Ovangkol fr (not sure about fretless)
    2012: Brazilian Rosewood (body and board)/Wenge-Bubinga fretless (3 in existence)

    All have LED's

    According to this article https://www.guitarplayer.com/guitaraficionado/the-find-warwick-jack-bruce-signature-bass the 2012 was a special build of 3. One went to Jack, one is at Warwick HQ or Framus museum and one went to a collector in the States. Looks like that person paid 55k for it.

    There is a possibility that the 2010 was just a special order, as I've only seen one example, though it does have "Signature Series" laser etched on the headstock...and a cool JB trussrod cover...so, I'm not sure, seems like there would be more than one.

    If anyone has anything to add, or wants to post their JB Sig Thumbs.... Please do! :)

    A couple of notable pics...

    The amazing 1991 Lacewood model:
    Jack Bruce Signature Lacewood 1991.JPG
    Jack Bruce Signature Lacewood 1991 3.JPG

    The Brazilian Rosewood 2012 model (wish there was a better pic):
    Jack Bruce Warwick Thumb 2012 Brazilian Rosewood Bubinga Wenge Frettles.jpg

    This thread is a work in progress :cool::D
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