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First Pedalboard And Cool/cheap Pedalboard Idea

Discussion in 'Bass Pedals, Effects & Preamps' started by Madmaskbass, Aug 23, 2017.

  1. Madmaskbass


    Mar 22, 2017
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    Hey guys,

    This is my very first pedalboard even though I've been playing 20 years I never owned a pedal till this year as effects were not really my thing. Getting my Thumb opened my mind and ears up to tones haping and now I am addicted! These pedals and the Bighead are far better than even my imagination and the reviews given to them are and they inspire me to play more/better everyday!

    The Pedalboard is an old Laptop Riser I had lying around in my office and it is perfect size for a board. I was keen to make one up but this is even cooler lol. It is the right angle, got great rubber feet, strong, light and free!!
    Needs a few holes and some tweaking underneath but I am stoked with the outcome...especially the colourcoding with my pedals (unexpected but totally cool). I have heavy duty velrco stripped the board and everything is firmly set in place. I will do the drilling and I'll update with more detailed pics.

    If you are ever looking for one they are Fellowes Brand laptop risers in Australia but I'm sure that every country would have an equivalent.

    Anyway still need to add a proper power supply and tuner and eventually a noble pre and maybe an EQ and/or omnicabsim if I want to tweak further but holy man I am happy with this setup and I still am staggered at the tone I am able to produce every single time I plug in my thumb. A this stage I just play through cans but near future it will be hooked up through a very high end DI into a Power Amp then my Greenboy style 1212/6 cab and that is a day that I can't wait for.. I have a nice TC combo that sits in the cupboard though because through my cans this setup if FAR superior...I love the directness and attention to detail that cans provide.

    Ok enough Rambling...Cheers 20170821_155953.jpg
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  2. DiMarco

    DiMarco nutcase Good Vibe Sponsor

    Nov 19, 2009
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    the Netherlands
    Schweeet! Owned both those pedals and they are great! I would personally put the compressor in front of the overdrive in the chain so it won't react to the b7k EQ ie when boosting low end with it, and you can also raise the output level of the comp so the b7k will distort even more if you want it to. Your tone will be great eather way.
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  3. Florin

    Florin Warwick Forum Administrator Staff Member

    Oct 28, 2006
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    Cool solution, buddy :)