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feedback for lucales

Discussion in 'Buyer/Seller Feedback' started by schlobodan, Jan 20, 2016.

  1. schlobodan

    schlobodan Warwick Streamer Specialist Good Vibe Sponsor

    Feb 7, 2007
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    Bought a 85 Streamer from me that needed some work.

    I shipped the bass in advance - it took some time until he got everything sorted
    but with a happy ending:) (see my feedback thread)

    I would definitely deal with him again.
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  2. DiMarco

    DiMarco nutcase Good Vibe Sponsor

    Nov 19, 2009
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    the Netherlands
    I bought a 2005 five string Dolphin Pro1 custom shop from Lucales.

    First I had to get the money together for this awesome bass so I informed Charles that I really wanted to buy his bass but that I needed two weeks time until december 21 before I would be able to pay for it. He kindly responded that he liked the idea of me (the most Dolphinist guy on the forum until Henry took over) returning to playing one again and that he feels I am a prefered person to take over this bass from him. Charles the feeling is mutual you are one awesome human being!

    So just before Christmas I payed for the instrument and we both agreed it would be best to wait until December 26th or 27th to send the bass. In the mean time, during this whole Dolphin deal Charles faced some bigtime family related setbacks I will not further get into, but he needed more time. On December 30th he sent me the bass while he really had no time to. Yet he took the effort for me to get the bass out. Sadly the French post company had network problems on that day facing enormous stress as you can imagine around Christmas time. It was a complete disaster. I waited for a week, me nor Charles received any tracking code or information. Because of all these things unfolding, Charles' brother jumped in to help and informed me he was on top of it, checking everything. The bass was returned to Charles instead of sent to me. Charles had to try once more to send it on its way and the ultra lame post company who screwed up made him pay twice for sending it. Charles did not complain and simply sent it out. It was on January 8th. I received the well packed instrument yesterday, on January 11th.

    The instrument is in mint condition with just one very little spot on the bottom of the body, exactly as described by Charles in the ad. It was a custom shop order in 2005 with a thin neck profile and a JAN1 instead of the plastic crap. I am very happy with it and it sounds freaking awesome too.

    Charles is a great guy to deal with. He communicates in a friendly and clear way, is patient when you need some time to get things settled and shares the love for instruments.
    I would deal with him any time. Much recommended, great guy!
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