Corvette $$ 5 Pick Up Balance

Dec 3, 2019
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Hi everyone,
First time posting and I'd like to ask you some help about the pu configuration of the $$...
Don't know if it's only an impression, but it seems to me that when I move the pu pan control knob towards one of the two pu, the other is not affected anymore by the series/single/parallel switch, not noticing any difference in sound. If I keep the knob center panned, when I change the position of the two switches both the pickups clearly react, but if I move the knob towards either the bridge or the neck (even slightly, say 1/8 of a turn) it seems like the switch of the selected pickup is the only to effectively modify the sound, while the other switch apparently loosing any effect...
I was wondering if it could depend on the preamp battery (gonna replace it asap even if the tester indicates it's not dead, just between "good" and "weak") and/or the strings (I bought the bass last June, didn't change them yet and I suppose they are Warwick Black stainless, not exactly my favorite...)
Or is it just the way the preamp works, so the only way to hear a noticeable effect of both the switches is to keep the pan knob centered?
Thank you for any help/suggestion ;)
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