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Corvette $$ 5 China Mecs Vs German Mecs?

Discussion in 'Bass Pickups & Electronics' started by Hammerman, Nov 8, 2019.

  1. Hammerman


    Sep 17, 2011
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    Toronto Ontario Canada
    I have two Warwick Corvettes. One a German Standard 5 Bubinga passive stock pick ups with a custom fitted Bartolini active EQ and the other a China Ash Body Corvette $$ 5 with passive MEC $$.
    I like the $$ because its lighter but I love the Bubba because it growls and has that magic tone.
    I fitted the $$ with flats to get a more P 1960s sound and it works okay for that but I don't get that drive off it...now it could be the flats (I haven't tried rounds on it yet) or it could be the pick ups?
    I am leaning towards changing up the flats to round but they are nice to play on, easy on the fingers and allow slidings between notes which is a cool technique depending on the material.
    Also I want to keep it passive since engineers complain about buzz from electronics on actives sometimes...so would changing up the picks up change anything. I don't get that higher end sound from those MECs...good in the lower and mid but missing at the top. I love the sound of low low E on a big grand piano...as a reference point to sound....
    Are those MECs the same as the German made ones I guess is the key question here?
    Some Seymour Duncan Black Outs or some Barts? I have Barts on another passive custom five string and I do love the sound...but I love playing those Corvettes too....they are all unique and while I want to keep the set ups and sounds unique to each instrument I want to be able to dial in some sound...
    Thoughts? Suggestions?