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Cleaning Up Slightly Abused Corvette $$

Discussion in 'Bass Guitars' started by AshVette, Feb 9, 2019.

  1. AshVette


    Dec 25, 2012
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    Hi all, I just recently purchased a 2009 Corvette $$ LTD 5 string. It shipped in from Florida and when I received it, noticed a lot of neglect. The hardware shows some rust, mostly the screws and the bridge/tailpiece pieces show some sort of white corrosion as well. Overall, it just needs cleaned. Would anybody have any tips to clean/repaint the pieces? It would be easy to buy new hardware, bridge, tuners, etc, but I also want to be cost conscious.

    Another thing I noticed is a hairline crack between the bridge and bridge pickup cavity in the Olivewood top. How could a guy go about re sealing? It also has some deep gouges in the mahogany body, and I'd eventually like to fix those too. Overall, I just want to see this bass back to its former glory. It looks like it was played hard and put up wet.
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  2. jester

    jester ocdemon Moderator

    Feb 9, 2006
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    Congrats on your acquisition. The best solution for the hardware would be to just replace them. Now about the wood issues, the split may be fixable given it is not very wide/deep, not sure how I would proceed though because I can't see it and I'm not really familiar with olive wood's properties since it's a bit unusual. Perhaps @J.Grim can chime in here after seeing some pics. The deep dents on mahogany sound more severe. Normally you can make them a bit shallower using steam then sand everything smooth again. In summary, I'd be all over that bass with sandpaper trying to remove the minimum amount of wood and get new hardware. Pics would be nice, not just for the repair but also to see your new bass. :)
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  3. Stainless


    Jul 6, 2017
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    Can you upload some pictures? The white corrision may be salt from the sweat of the former owner. You can clean it with balistol.
    Is the body painted or just oiled? If it is oiled, you may fill the crack with glue and wood flour.
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  4. J.Grim


    Jul 4, 2008
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    Hello Ashvette,
    Some photos of the bass and details that need attention would be very important so we can give you some "correct" advise.
    About the Hardware, a good cleanup could do the trick but if you have rust on the hardware itself is not that easy. You can clean it but once the finish is damaged by rust, it will attack again in no time. If the rust is only on the screws, you can always replace them.
    About the wood itself: The hairline crack, is it on the glue joint of the book matched top, or is it a wood crack?
    You can approach the issue in different ways. if it's just a small aesthetic hairline crack, you can use wood glue with sawdust to fill it. It is also possible to use a low viscosity CA glue (Superglue) to do it too, it's good because is can penetrate deep in the hairline, however you must be careful because CA glue tends to leave a dark coloured joint line.. If the crack is wide you can always use Epoxy to fix it.
    Another thing you must be careful is the finish, I don't know if your bass is wax finished or another type of finish.
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