1. Luc67

    Mang'art & Wicks

    When manga spot the Warwick :cool: My favorite A another one very cool And this one we recognize a Streamer
  2. MRC_50

    Corvette Truss Rod not gripping, when tightened.

    hey there, this is my first post. actually my first post in a forum ever. anyway, i have recently purchased a really nice warwick corvette 6-string fretless with bolt-on neck (built in january of 1995) and i am in love with the tone. i have put on strings with slightly higher tension (elixir...
  3. Vanamike

    What is the most LEGENDARY Warwick bass for you?

    Hey Warwickians, I was wondering what Warwick bass would be the most rare and special one for most of you Warwick Forum members and Warwick enthusiasts. You know, something that holds a certain mistery, a bass that you have seen in a video or at a live concert, used by a musician you have always...
  4. J

    Parallel louder than series

    Hello all, a friend of mine and I recently discovered that on both of our basses (Warwick Corvette $$ 5 String) the pickups are louder when switched to parallel than in the series postition. We just wondered because it doesn't seem to be a bug as it is in both of our basses. After...
  5. S

    Does anybody have any info on these warwick stage systems?

  6. T

    WTB: Nobby Meidel Bass

    Hello, Im looking to buy a Nobby Meidel Bass. Im located in Denmark, therefore shipping to Denmark shall be a possibility. best regards, Tias Lind Elkjær
  7. T

    For Trade: WANTED: Nobby Meidel bass

    SEARCHING: Nobby Meidel bass - Fretted. Location: Denmark Hello, Im Searching for a Nobby Meidel bass. Anyone who are willing to sell and ship to Denmark? Best regards, Tias Lind
  8. dimitrio

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Pro M 5-string Bass (lx 5), 1996, Honey Violin, Wenge/wenge Neck, Made In Germany

    Selling my Warwick Streamer ProM 5 Bass guitar. Price - 880 EUR. Basically it is identical to a well-known Streamer LX5 model with the following differences: - AAA Flamed Maple wood - better quality of grain - Twin J pickup (basically two independent J pickups in one housing), located in...
  9. Stainless

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Std 5-made In Germany (ovangkol-wenge Neck)

    Hi, I am selling my Warwick 5 string Streamer STD from 2000. As i got a 5 String Fortress Bass, one 5 String bass is enough for me :) Especially the backside of the body got some scratches, he is definitely a player not a collectors item. The specs are: screwed neck: Ovangkol fingerboard: Wenge...
  10. ercheddar

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Lx 5 Strings Made In Germany

    Sorry to just post this again but i couldn't update the price on the other one. Beautiful german made Streamer LX, very good condition, Great sound and Amazing low B! Very last price; 689£ (759€) Lowest price on the internet, do not miss this!! The Bass is located in Vicenza, Italy, but i can...
  11. ercheddar

    For Sale: Fs Warwick Streamer Lx 5 Strings

    I'm selling my beautiful Streamer LX, the bass Is in very good condition, It only has a few marks and a dent in the lower part of the body, shipping available in all Europe for 49€. Feel free to contact me for any further information Price Is 989€, anyway feel free to make your offer. I might...
  12. Gregarious

    Want To Buy 90's Fortress 5 String (wenge Neck)

    Looking for a 90s warwick fortress 5 string with J/J pickups, wenge neck and fretboard, bell bronze frets, preferably in honey violin finish but open to others! All the best!
  13. O

    Want 5 String Triumph Eub Bass

    I am looking for a Triumph Bass in the 5 string version if possible. I am not looking for a Triumph Lite (they only have 4 strings anyway), but could consider a framus vintage 4 string triumph.
  14. J

    Help Identifying Warwick Standard Corvette

    Hello, I just bought a Warwick bass standard corvette (bubinga), but I’m not sure if it’s a knock off or an actual Warwick bass. The serial number is j-101911-03 on the back of the neck. It’s not printed but engraved like it should be. The Warwick site says it is German made and a standard...
  15. incubass

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Stage Ii '89

    For sale is my '89 Warwick Streamer Stage II. This bass is in real excellent condition for the age (31 years). It's got the stained headstock, mother of pearl inlays and Warwick W headstock logo, original gold made in West Germany text on the back of the electronics cavity. The action is very...
  16. Nort Yakim

    Bass Solo Music By Nort Yakim (thumb Bo4)

    Hello guys, here I'd like to post my videos with me playing on my precious Thumb BO4 , hope you'll enjoy it :) 01.) "Slap vs Fingerstyle"
  17. D

    Need Help Identifying Warwick Streamer Lx (no Serial Number)

    Hey! New to the forum. Found a bass I'm interested in purchasing: Warwick Streamer LX 5, with Ovangkol neck, Wenge fingerboard as usual. But, it's a swamp ash body with a flamed maple top, and gold hardware. It's some sort of European limited edition, but not the burl one. The bass is brand...
  18. Pablo Prieto

    How To Treat The Body Of Low Warwick Corvette Swamp Ash

    Hello my name is Pablo I have a Warwick standard Corvette bass 1996 and I wanted to know how to treat 2 solid body wood US Swamp Ash Wood Surface Oil Finish / Beewax surface, there is some demonstration video or instructions on how to do it without damaging the body or modifying the color Thank you
  19. V

    Fna Tlc

    Hi Everyone, Just a quick question for those who know a thing or two about some maintenance about the Warwick's. I need to "freshen" the bass up a bit because, well yeah... It hasn't been done at all. What do you suggest my first course of action should be? I would do the following, but am I...
  20. H

    Demo: Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra With Warwick Fortress One (1993)

    Demo: Darkglass Alpha Omega Ultra with Warwick Fortress One (1993)
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