1. Yesnikh

    Potential Thumb 5 Nt Pickup Issue

    Hello! Long time lurker, first time poster. Happy to be a part of the community now! I have come into owning an all original 1990 Thumb 5 NT(rad!) in pretty amazing shape for being 30yrs old. I've owned a few in the past(Corvette $$, Thumb B.O. 6), but this one'll be the lifer, caught my white...
  2. Triad

    Sold! 1988 Thumb Bass 4

    Nice playing '88 Thumb, early style headstock with recessed tuners, 2 pieces bridge. Completely refreshed/cleaned, only the frets show the age as I didn't polish them (yet). EMG preamp, original EMG pickups. New original battery cover and knobs. Comes with gig bag, can ship worldwide. New...
  3. woody2shoes

    A-style Guitar Stand For My Thumb

    I've got an old Quik Lok stand that doesn't fit my Thumb very well, the arms are just a tad too wide to hold the bass securely. Are there road-worthy "A" type stands you Thumby guys use that would fit the bill?
  4. Nort Yakim

    Bass Solo Music By Nort Yakim (thumb Bo4)

    Hello guys, here I'd like to post my videos with me playing on my precious Thumb BO4 , hope you'll enjoy it :) 01.) "Slap vs Fingerstyle"
  5. nono

    Warwick Thumb Flamin Blonde Ltd 2007

    For sale my Warwick Thumb flamin blonde Ltd 2007 absolutely new, invoice 2018 december, one year warranty asking 2100 euros more pictures on demand Cheers
  6. naetog

    Strap Button On Thumb

    Hey everyone, It's been a SUPER long time since I've actively participated in the forum! The upper horn strap button on my Thumb points in a relative upwards position. About 2:00. I've never seen another bass with such an angle on the strap button. I'm thinking about moving it towards the...
  7. Triad

    1988 Thumb Bass 4 Nt

    Hello guys... selling this nice '88 Thumb bass. Comes with non-original teardrop case. Good action, thin neck, great sound and playability. Truss rod works, frets are good, electronics are completely stock. No repairs, no cracks. Some wear (due to the 30 years of age!) and some wood movement...
  8. eyvindwa

    Thumb 6 Fretless

    Hey, If anyone knows of a used Thumb 6 fretless (BO or NT) for sale at a reasonable price, please let me know. Europe preferred (I live in Norway), but anything goes. Thanks!
  9. Stefan B.13

    I Need Some Help To Decide And Maybe A Bit Of Guidance From The More Experienced

    Hi, This is my first time posting here so ai hope I post in the right place. I played bass since I was 13 but had to stop after a few years due to a injury. I managed to fracture my middle, ring and pinky fingers and had to keep a cast on for 4 months. After taking it off I had the "pleasure"...
  10. L

    Sold! 1985 Warwick Thumb Bass Jd

    Hello so I posted about this a few times on here, wondering if I should move this on on not... but the situation is I've got a 6 month old daughter now who takes up a lot of time, and I've far more basses than I need - and although this is a dream bass for me, I just don't click with it in a way...
  11. Zaitor

    New Track From My Italian Jazz/funk Band (thumb Bo Inside!)

    Alright, so... where to start? It's been years since I last posted on this forum. After years of longing for it, I've finally purchased a Warwick Thumb! It is a BO model, from 2001, Ovangkol body + Ovangkol neck, and it sounds gorgeous! I'll have a hard time going back to my Corvette Std. for...
  12. Andrew Horne

    Warwick 2006 Le Dirty Blonde 4

    OK, After lots of thought, I have decided to list my Dirty Blonde 4 String. Its an original 2006 limited edition and if you are reading this, you probably know what it is. Well loved and looked after - Still pretty much in showroom condition as bought really as a collectors item and not played...
  13. zomnius

    Pron Wicks

    I'll Start...
  14. T

    Thumb Bo Neck On A Corvette?

    Hi all, I've got an '03 Corvette that needs a new neck. These seem next to impossible to find without going through Warwick directly, and it costs an arm and a leg and takes four months. I found a Thumb BO neck for sale locally, and I'm wondering if that could be a solution to my problem. Has...
  15. Triad

    3 Thumbs (not On The Same Hand Lol)

    Hello! I have 3 (now 2!) wonderful early Thumbs that I'm thinking about selling. N.1 1988 4 strings. This one has the old-style tilted tuners with the plastic bushings around. Thin neck, no push-pull, usual EMGs etc. but it's been played more and the pickups show wear and the hardware on the...
  16. Sean Fairchild

    Double Thumping Tutorial - Featuring Cs Streamer Stage Ii 6-string

    Hey Warwick peeps, There are many players who far exceed my own ability with this technique, but I went ahead and broke down how I perform and think about double thumbing/double thumping/bidirectional slappification anyway - in HD with high quality sound :) AND, it features a sweet custom shop...
  17. A.G.E.N.T.E.

    Thumb Bo Experts, Help Me Here Please!

    Dear fellas i got my eye on a thumb bo5. The seller say´s the previsous owner tried to erase the serial number, (who knows why ) so i can´t ask for detailed info from Warwick. The seller say´s it must be from 95, with a bubinga body. What do you think? Walnut? bubinga? which year? Thanks in...
  18. Andrew Horne

    Looking For Bleached Blonde Thumb 2003 Model

    Hi, If you have a 2003 BB Thumb, please message me. Been looking fo AGES and still haven't found the right one.
  19. B

    Stage 1

    Hi guys I am looking for some advice. I have been thinking about Streamer Stage 1 and what that could possibly add to my playing. I have been playing Thumbs NT (5 and 6) for 20 years and I have been playing a Stage 2 (5) for over a year. I gig all 3 basses and am extremely happy with them...
  20. Triad

    Sold! '88 Thumb Bass 5

    Hello! Thinning my collection of basses and amps! I got this bad boy from its second or third owner. Made in 1988, pretty rare year for 5ers. Still have the early features (slotted headstock and tilted tuners with plastic rings on the front). EMGs, usual MEC 2 bands preamp. Completely stock...
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