1. Stewart Ross

    Dirk Lance showing off his Stage II

    Dirk Lance using his Stage II for a live performance of his band East of June’s song “Rebel.” Sounds killer!
  2. dimitrio

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Pro M 5-string Bass (lx 5), 1996, Honey Violin, Wenge/wenge Neck, Made In Germany

    Selling my Warwick Streamer ProM 5 Bass guitar. Price - 880 EUR. Basically it is identical to a well-known Streamer LX5 model with the following differences: - AAA Flamed Maple wood - better quality of grain - Twin J pickup (basically two independent J pickups in one housing), located in...
  3. sotiris93

    Wtb: Warwick Streamer Stage Ii 5 String

    Looking for a Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 string at a reasonable price,preferably from 00s-present. Feel free to make your suggestions if your SSII does not meet these exact criteria. (Wenge neck and fretboard,Afzelia body) I'm located in Greece so sellers from EU would be prefered due to tax...
  4. B

    For Sale or Trade: Warwick Streamer Stage 1 1990 Bass Guitar

    So im thinking of letting my Warwick streamer stage 1 go. She is from 1990 so the good slim and fast neck profile. She has had a refinish from the original red and a new beautiful fretboard. Its amazing and just looks like a new bass off the shelf, but off the shelf from 1990, in my opinion the...
  5. A.G.E.N.T.E.

    Streamer Vs Corvette Cutaway ... 24th Fret Acess

    Dear fellas, I´m planing to treat myself with a 5 string fretless, and i saw a nice deal with a Rockbass corvette 5. I´M having second thoughts because i also have a Rockbass streamer LX5, but the access to the 24th fret isn`t a easy task. This might be due to my hand size or shape, but i...
  6. Bademeister

    Streamer Ss I Cs With Extra Features

    This beautiful Streamer SS I Custom Shop from 2005 has just arrived. I think the main feature is the beautiful AAAAA quilted maple top / flamed maple back. But it also has a fishman piezo bridge and active Seymour Duncan JJ Bass Line Pickups, a bone nut, F clef inlay and a Hipshot D-tuner. I...
  7. Eissie

    Serial Number With "m" On Older Streamer Lx5

    Dear all, It has been a few years since I last visited this forum, but I am happy to be back again! Reason is the purchase of a very nice Streamer LX5! It has a wenge neck and fingerboard an a maple gloss finish body. Somewhere between transparent green teal and blue. I have a question about...
  8. D

    Need Help Identifying Warwick Streamer Lx (no Serial Number)

    Hey! New to the forum. Found a bass I'm interested in purchasing: Warwick Streamer LX 5, with Ovangkol neck, Wenge fingerboard as usual. But, it's a swamp ash body with a flamed maple top, and gold hardware. It's some sort of European limited edition, but not the burl one. The bass is brand...
  9. Hoggles

    For Sale: Streamer Stage I - Masterbuilt - 2015 - Natural Oil - Flame Maple/wenge - W/ohsc

    For people in the States. $2550 shipped. **Special offer** For forum members: If you're a "Good Vibe Sponsor", you can have it for $2475 shipped. I've owned 2 Streamers and this will be the 2nd one I've sold. Apparently, I'm just not a Streamer guy. We exist. Crazy, I know. Fantastic...
  10. Stainless

    Sold! Warwick Streamer 1986, Cherry Wood Body, Nt Wenge-maple Neck, Oil Finish

    Hey folks, I am selling my Warwick Streamer from 1986. This one comes from the former Warwick factory in Franconia (Eggolsheim). The Streamer was developed due to customer wish of the music store Thomann as a copy from Spector, but definetly sounds different. It has already the typical...
  11. O

    Sold! Warwick Streamer Lx-5 String - Broad Neck

    I sell my 5-string Warwick LX 5 Broad Neck Bass - Made in Germany in 2001. Nature Oil Finish MEC humbucker pickups MEC 2-band EQ Fingerboard - Wenge Neck - Ovangkol Body 2-piece bookmatched AA maple Warwick 2-piece bridge 20 mm string spacing on the bridge Hardware in gold Weight: 4.75 kg Very...
  12. T

    Streamer Std 1999 Truss Rod Replacement

    Hi to all, I own a Warwick Streamer STD 1999 Germany, I bought it second hand like a week ago. The bass is great plus it has an EMG preamp but the truss rod is not working. I red something about the different truss that Warwick has but i can't find any information regarding this specific model...
  13. Stefan B.13

    I Need Some Help To Decide And Maybe A Bit Of Guidance From The More Experienced

    Hi, This is my first time posting here so ai hope I post in the right place. I played bass since I was 13 but had to stop after a few years due to a injury. I managed to fracture my middle, ring and pinky fingers and had to keep a cast on for 4 months. After taking it off I had the "pleasure"...
  14. T

    Warwick Streamer Stage 1

    I'm selling this beautiful Streamer Stage 1 from the early 90's. Original golden hardware has been replaced by chrome but I still have the original and it will come with the bass. Original heavy duty flightcase included. Also included is an extra nut saddle because it used the bass in C standard...
  15. tomb68

    Rant-ish? Why Are Broad Necks So Rare?

    This morning at 7:25 AM CST I placed an online order for what was listed as a Stage Streamer I 5 string. The pic was kinda crappy but I could tell it was a broadneck and that is why I jumped on it. It may have been an LX (my personal opinion) but the price was right even if it was an LX and just...
  16. lucales

    Paddle Head Streamer N°343

    with regrets, once again, I have to let it go .... this 1984 Streamer Paddle Head, n°343.... SOUNDS TERRIFIC EMG pup's and elec, (and a kill switch) every part are genuine, the neck is as thin as my 1964 L serie JB, and I must say it's a real pleasure to play this instrument. It makes you...
  17. T

    Streamer Cv5 Blueprints

    I'm curious to know if anyone has or knows of any blueprint / dimensions of the Streamer CV5. Thanks.
  18. imabuddha

    Opinions On The Artist Series (korean) Robert Trujillo Streamer?

    I'm currently playing a 2013 RB Corvette, and looking to upgrade to a nicer Warwick. Of course a made in Germany model would be best, but there's a Korean made Artist Series Robert Trujillo 4 string in excellent condition that I'm considering. It's priced about $715 (US), which seems like a...
  19. Sean Fairchild

    Sold! Unique Custom Warwick Streamer Stage Ii 6 String

    $4,250.00 USD. No trades or partial trades, thanks. This is one of four SSII-6s I know of to be in existence, and the only one I've ever seen sold used went for $5,300 - it's a once in a lifetime instrument. Retail at close to $10k, before all the additional specs below! I'm the original...
  20. Villis Kabadais

    Warwick Rock Bass Fl

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