1. Stroudi

    Streamer Neck H/stock Issue

    Hi. I have a Streamer double buck and noticed yesterday it will not tune up. On closer investigation I found a join on the headstock at the top, had started to split, as if coming unglued. It has gone as far as the top of the neck. Between the thick light piece and thinner darker wood. It's...
  2. Hoggles

    What are the headstock veneers made of?

    Hello everyone! Sorry if this has been answered before. I searched the forums and Google and couldn't find anything. I could be a bad searcher ;) Does anyone know what the normal black headstock veneer is on our beautiful Warwicks? At least the German made ones. For the longest time, I...
  3. D

    Thumb NT - cracked headstock!

    I was playing a local TV station morning show and a sound engineer accidentally knocked my bass over! It fell flat on the face which resulted in a broken nut and a bad crack in the headstock on the E A side. The crack is along the contour of the headstock inside the pegs and runs up along the NT...
  4. Aesthetica

    Thumb NT w/ 35" & in-line headstock?

    I was thinking a month ago or so of the perfect bass guitar. Imagine, a Thumb NT4 w/ the 2band electronics (or even better: just a volume push/pull pot), 35" or even 36" scale lenght and an in-line headstock. Then, wenge neck and bubinga whatever blah blah body, and you have my dream. Is there...
  5. babebambi

    buzzard headstock

    is it a option as to which style of headstock on JE buzzzard? http://www.warwick.de/modules/custom_shop/NewsCustomShop.php?newsID=737&modell=Buzzard&page=0&cl=EN http://www.warwick.de/modules/custom_shop/NewsCustomShop.php?newsID=763&modell=Buzzard&page=0&cl=EN
  6. The Kool-Aid Kid

    35" scale headstock

    Is it possible to get a Buzzard BO 35" scale with the hook headstock? I noticed all the ones with the hooked one, Strykers and Buzzards, are NT, but the price list says for a 35" scale you need BO construction.
  7. V

    PROBLEM: Broken Headstock

    Greetings from Germany! On the 6th of December 2005 I acquired a 5-string version of the Warwick Corvette standard (standard number D-062154-99) from my trader on site: InSound GmbH owner: Andreas Grossmann, Jörg Grams Gablenzstr. 5 D-24114 Kiel Germany phone: (0431) 665554 faxes...
  8. otto07

    I need some advice on restored the headstock shine

    I need some help, I have a 1990 Thumb vintage and the headstock is not longer shinny it just dull, I had try lemon oil and I wax it several times and it just don't work. I would like to sand it a little to erase some few light scratches and restore the shine to a new look, I would like to do it...
  9. thndrstk6

    Changing headstock of a used bass to match?

    Is it possible to send a used bass to warwick to get the headstock changed to a matching headstock?
  10. JHbass

    The look of an "older" warwick headstock

    has anyone ever noticed that as a Warwick ages the headstock starts to become a little gray? giving it an aged look? I personally love the way that looks, my $$ is starting to get there it looks that way in the right light, i hope it always looks like that soon.
  11. krkozbassman

    Headstock Veneer

    Can I order a Ovangkol headstock veneer (with W) for my 2002 Thumb bolt-on 5-string?
  12. krkozbassman

    Headstock veneer

    Can I order a Ovangkol headstock veneer (with W) for my 2002 Thumb bolt-on 5-string?
  13. B

    Headstock darkening

    Anyway to make the headstock dark again? I've thought about a light sanding, what do you think? Maybe some lemon oil or wax?
  14. headtrip762

    matching headstock NT

    Im wondering, say i was to order a Thumb 5 NT. Can i go with 3 piece wenge 2 piece bubinga neck? and can i have the headstock match the layers in the neck instead of having just one wood cover over the layering? appreciate any help :D
  15. maddrakkett

    The Thumb That Gave Us the Matching Headstock Option

    A CS Thumb is up on eBay that the seller says "changed Warwick's policy" to start offering the matching headstock option. Here's the seller's story: When I first ordered this bass, Warwick would not do the matching headstock and I harassed them endlessly as to why. Eventually Hans Peter...
  16. Lewis

    matched headstock

    hey guys if i get my buzzard with a solid black high polish, and want the face of the head stock to be solid black too do i say matched headstock? because if i did that would they make to headstock zebrano? cheers
  17. JanVanHove

    The WFSE Thumb NT 5, part 11, headstock...

    well, a simple one: matching ebony headstock?
  18. jay

    CLeaning the headstock

    I cleaned my bass w/ steel wool but is there anything I can do to clean the headstcok up? I'm guessing I don't want to steel wool it...
  19. avionix543

    Headstock options?

    Is there anybody else out there who would like being able to see the neck materials and construction on the headstock as opposed to the black or body wood veneer? Thoughts? Opinions? Ideas? ~M~
  20. Thomas

    headstock design poll (not asking warwick to redo it, lol)

    So today i was thinking about the inlay i'm putting at the top of my bass when i re-do the headstock. since i love my RockBass for what it is, not for being made by warwick (i also love that), i think i'd like to put RB (in the warwick font) at the top instead of a W (like a regular 'wick)...
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