1. warwickdread

    =The Warwick Katana Club=

    how come we have no Katana club?? i was thinking of mayby getting a custoum shop fl 5 string katana and never got to see any pics since we dont have a katana club. i believe there are a lot of katana players out there who wanna leave their beauties in this forum :) mayby worth a consideration ...
  2. joekickass

    So close to join the Buzzard Brother Club...

    Hi Guys I just sold my Thumb 6 BO, I love that bass but I am thinking I got my Thumb 5 NT and the 6 is too narrow and the BO thumb didn't solve my problem, I bought it becuase Warwick told my I can get more punch from the BO model, it is truth but it still not punch enough..... I tried a...

    The $$ Club

    No need for a sticky, but since there are so many different $$ models, I was curious what the forum distribution looks like...
  4. BassPlyr Randy

    RockBass Club

    For those of you that haven't found it yet, we now have a RockBass club just like our actual German made brethern. It's located with the social groups under the community tab at the top of the page. Here's a link since your already here. So all you RockBass owners, come join the...
  5. boston asphalt2

    =The P-Nut Club=

    this is a reincarnation of the original group I started that seemed to not make it very far. If you like nuts (NHS), play a P-Nut bass or intend to be getting one, post here! I will post a pic of my twin beauties soon enough once I move house. Can this get a sticky by chance?
  6. P

    =The Triumph Club=

    Hey I know this is obscure but for those who are lucky enough to have gotten their hands on one of these, heres to you! There it is.
  7. P

    =The Warwick Dolphin Club=

    Hey guys, I thinks its about time I started this club for us dolphin players. Heres a couple shots of mine. Its a nice bass. The only one I didn't actually order. I got it off a private BIN ebayer in June. Has awesome low action without any buzz. Still a close...
  8. herb vibes

    =The Vintage Club=

    coudn't resist :wink: please don't think that i don't like the newer warwicks! just would be nice to put all pics of older basses in one thread since we got some vintage-lovers too :D so.... your basses from the/with: - 80's till mid 90's - handcrafted - first models...
  9. naetog

    =The Alien Club=

    Lonely as it may be....can't leave out the Alien.
  10. IncX

    =Warwick Vampyre Hunters' Club=

    all those clubs about Thumbs, Steamers, Corvettes and even a Stryker! ... It's about time vampyre fans should have this thread :) here's my vampyre SN4: and here's my Darklord: Here are my basses (including the Buzzard BO5 as a special guest):
  11. Patrik

    =The Stryker Club=

    I bet this will be the only post in here! :lol: :lol:
  12. bassoctopus

    =The Warwick Infinity Club=

    About time this was added to the sticky's I reckon
  13. J

    =The Warwick Fortress Club=

    Hey! We need a club too! It probably won't be nearly as big as the others, but it will be more exclusive 8) I don't think you'll see as many CS basses as on the other threads, but what the hell. Here we go, I'll start: My 10-year old custom ovangkol Warwick Fortress MM with EMG...
  14. Hanzo

    Club name?

    I wanted to do a club for the basses that are not Thumbs, Vettes, or Streamers, since there are not enough of these around to support their own clubs. What would a good name for the club. I came up with Motley Club, but I don't know. Sorry I didn't post this before the Stryker club thread.
  15. jay

    =The Stryker Club=

    Anyone? I don't have one because they are out of my pricerange. I don't think I've ever seen one on the forum either. Anybody own one besides James Lomenzo?...
  16. anarchyok

    =The Warwick Corvette Club=

    It had to happen... :) I think there should be clubs for all the basses, and even put in its own forum, or stickied at top of basses.... Post away Corvette afficionardos!!! My Bubinga Pomelle and Ash Corvette Standard 5ers...
  17. FunkyMan

    =The Warwick Streamer Club=

    Well guys, we are few, compared with the brothers of "The Thumb Club" but I know that there are several Forumers that possess them, so this thread is dedicated in my opinion for one of the most beautiful basses that has been built in history 8) STREAMERS 8) (Spector could be first, but our...
  18. thndrstk6

    =The Warwick Thumb Club=

    So I keep reading about the corvette kids and the P-nut group and the buzzard brothers but I haven't seen anything on the greatest Warwick bass of all... the Thumb. If there is a place for us then let me know, if not then please post your pix or just a comment on how happy you are with your...
  19. boston asphalt2

    P-Nut Club

    This here is the P-Nut club. Post here if you have a p-Nut I or II bass (or both :D ). The rubric for figuring out member numbers is as follows: what number in the run is your P-Nut I? add that number to two times your number on your P-Nut II. BAM, voila! For example: if your P-Nut I...
  20. Kris

    Bubinga top with bling $$ club! :D

    Being the all-round nice guy that I am, I'll consider this an hommage to mine :lol: (Mine's the latter...)
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