1. S

    For Sale: Original 2005 Corvette Standard 4-string, Bubinga For Sale

    2005 Warwick corvette standard 4-string German made, Bubinga. Looking for £650 happy to listen to reasonable offers. Serial number: B1133005 Article number: 1244030000CZBUBOWW Produced: 02.03.2005 Description: Corvette standard 4-string Natural oil finish Bubinga body, Ovangkol neck Chrome...
  2. A.G.E.N.T.E.

    Thumb Bo Experts, Help Me Here Please!

    Dear fellas i got my eye on a thumb bo5. The seller say´s the previsous owner tried to erase the serial number, (who knows why ) so i can´t ask for detailed info from Warwick. The seller say´s it must be from 95, with a bubinga body. What do you think? Walnut? bubinga? which year? Thanks in...
  3. BrickIsRed

    Do Warwicks sound better with age?

    Might just be me, but I swear my 2009 Corvette is starting to sound closer to a Thumb (less bright, deeper, more well rounded). Am I alone?:!:
  4. BrickIsRed

    Corvette STD Bubinga 2009 through Sansamp Bass Driver

    Digital Hell Phase i mix 03 by Morgan's 303 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free This song is almost complete. I just need to lay down vocals.
  5. BrickIsRed

    Corvette -> Sansamp + Big Bass Muff Pi (song)

    My Cadaver v.1 by Morgan's 303 on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free I normally play with fingers, but for this song I wanted the sound of a pick. Unfortunately, it's hard to get Warwicks sounding right with a pick. Hope you guys listen. :)
  6. D

    Optional Bubinga wood products

    Does anybody know what options I have for Bubinga wood other than beeswax?
  7. D

    Cleaning Bubinga

    What product other than beeswax is recommended for Bubinga wood?
  8. Nick Lombardi

    Corvette bubinga recorded

    Hey guys, In this Clip i play a Corvette 5 string. I doubled the bass.... one with the back pickup on, and one with both pickups on. Hope you like it!! Nick
  9. Genral Specific

    Bubinga vs. Ovangkol

    All other things being equal, how would a bass sound different with bodies made of these two woods? Is Ovangkol brighter? Does some wood work better for some types of pickups?
  10. P


    Hi. I was just wandering, how rare is bubinga? I mean, it's not like an endangered species of tree, is it? I would hate to think that Warwick is using a wood that is endangered or scarce just to make pretty basses.
  11. S

    First W Bass: ' Vette Fretless Bubinga

    This is my first step into te W world. I absolutely LOVE this bass. I was litterally IMPRESSED of the quality of Warwick instruments. This bass hasn't even a litte imperfection! Nice finishes, excellent wood, stable neck, ergonomic and well balanced. It's a little heavy compared to a fender jazz...
  12. basscisco

    Help!!! Is this Bubinga or what

    Hello!!! I just got this 1992 streamer stage ii bass but the wood does not seems to be any azfelia,(i had 3 thumb basses before and this looks like bubinga(which i love) to me what do you guy think)8:? Prata Bas .se :: Läser ämne - Warwick Streamer Stage II 5 str -92 [BORTBYTT]...
  13. Morgoth

    Amazing Bubinga Grain!

    I was, again, drooling over Wicks' on Bass Central when I found this (sadly already sold) Corvette : Warwick Corvette Basses Now This is some insane Bubinga grain! Enjoy, and don't be shy, you can post pictures of amazing grain too! Why don't I have such a grain on my Thumb...
  14. Eberbachl

    Corvette STD Ash Vs Corvette STD Bubinga

    Hi Guys, To celebrate my recent purchase of a STD Ash 'Vette, and to help out Ronald I'm doing a little comparison between my Bubinga 'Vette and his new sister Blondie the Ash 'Vette. The aim of this experiment is to provide as much of an illustration of the differences between Ash and Bubinga...
  15. R

    Newbie Question -Swamp ash vs Bubinga

    Sorry if this has ben asked 1000 times before but how would you describe the diffenence between the tone of the swamp ash vs bubinga corvette passive? Thank You!
  16. Nick Lombardi

    Corvette Bubinga 5 string clip

    Hey, I have a clip of my 06' Corvette 5 string bubinga with active pickups. In this clip there are 3 different bass tones, you can hear that both pickups are being used for the main slap part, and the over dub slap is the bridge pickup and the finger pickin line is the neck pickup. I recorded...
  17. iuserneim

    check that bubinga !

    hi folks. low, look at that BOERJES bass. that bubinga is beautiful, isn't it ?
  18. Crossdrop

    Corvette $$ vs. Corvette Std. Bubinga

    As I already wrote into the CS forum yesterday, well, I'm gonna buy a wick. My first one actually, but I just love the growl :) Today, I could compare a Corvette $$ 5 against a Corvette Std. Bubinga 5. I played both basses for hours :D The Std. had active electronics, but I'm not sure about the...
  19. BrickIsRed

    Bypass active pre-amp on Corvette.

    What exactly is happening when I do this (pull up the volume knob)? Does it just bypass the EQ section, or do the pickups become passive single coils? I don't really understand. Anyway, lately I really like the sound with the pre-amp bypassed. It sounds clearer, less boomy and seems to make my...
  20. ectoflanger

    Does any one own a Corvette std bubinga fretless 5 string

    If so, I'm curious to know more about them.
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