1. Eri

    AlderSix Suite (pt.3)

    Looper, HX Stomp, and the Corvette 6er.
  2. Gregarious

    Want To Buy 90's Fortress 5 String (wenge Neck)

    Looking for a 90s warwick fortress 5 string with J/J pickups, wenge neck and fretboard, bell bronze frets, preferably in honey violin finish but open to others! All the best!
  3. Hardy

    =the Framus Soulman Club - Say What???

    I bought my first Warwick in 2008 and instantly joined this forum. I read a lot about Warwick and ofc about vintage Framus basses in the last 11 years. I own a modified Framus Junior. But I can´t remember that I ever read anything about Framus basses made by Warwick? Now I found out that there...
  4. Alexander Paramonov

    Buying Old Modded Infinity

    Hi! I was looking for a true German build Warwick, but those things are costly. I found an Infinity 5 bass for about 3000 EUR. Problem is it is 18 years old and has new electronics mounted in: Seymour Duncan 3-Band EQ with Piezo Visually from the photos it looks great: has a nice custom body...
  5. Pablo Prieto

    How To Treat The Body Of Low Warwick Corvette Swamp Ash

    Hello my name is Pablo I have a Warwick standard Corvette bass 1996 and I wanted to know how to treat 2 solid body wood US Swamp Ash Wood Surface Oil Finish / Beewax surface, there is some demonstration video or instructions on how to do it without damaging the body or modifying the color Thank you
  6. joe stuart

    Ampeg Svt Vr

    Selling an SVT VR valve bass amp. Perfect condition was just serviced and re tubed with new sovtech tubes. Comes with a flight case. WARNING - very heavy item if your interested lets talk about shipping. The item is currently in Germany. contact me on here or email me at [email protected]
  7. Aaron Bacon

    An Amazing Exercise Developing Slap Permutations

    Here is the latest exercise to get those double thumping chops up with permutations galore!
  8. Aaron Bacon

    Hey! I Made A Bass Youtube Channel

    Hey Guys, Really looking to get my new channel out there and this is the perfect spot for it! Check out my video's and see if there is something you like or something you get from it! Thank you for the support
  9. Aaron Bacon

    Single String Slap Permutations

    Hey guys So my new YouTube has been up for a whole day and a half now! I'm itching to have some feedback, so if anyone on here has anything to say about my channel or my lessons please please give it to me!!
  10. Sean Fairchild

    Combinator - Rock, Funk, And More By Horn-assisted Band, Fronted By Warwick Artist

    Hey all! My band put out this full length album independently earlier this year. Lots of good Warwick bassiness (in my own opinion). Hope you like it! allsound, by Combinator
  11. Sean Fairchild

    Mec Soapbars Vs Seymour Duncan Basslines Phase I Pickups

    Has anyone done a direct comparison between these two very similar pickup sets on the same bass? I like the MEC's tone and have had the Basslines previously in a different bass, but I wasn't able to compare. The MECs are too bright and brittle for my taste, although overall I like them a good...
  12. Nachobassman

    Sleep. Coffee. Bass. Mugs

    We all love our morning café, right? Then let´s drink it with style! :cool: Buy here: Sleep. Coffee. Bass.
  13. K

    Warwick Thumb BO 5 Fretless

    1480€ Warwick Thumb BO 5 Fretless , Active electronic Seymour Duncan 18V , Active pickup EMG LJ . super sound!!!!!! contact: GSM: +420 723 685 398 Email: [email protected]
  14. K

    5 string german Warwick in the bristol,weston super mare area

    Hi everyone im looking for a 5 string german warwick bass im primary looking for a streamer stage 1 but im happy to see what people have to offer, I also do not want to have to do postage and would rather do the sale in person im based in weston super mare but im happy to travel within reason...
  15. N

    New Forum - Turn fretted into fretless pros and cons

    Hello, I've just got a 2nd hand Warwick Corvette Rockbass, the bass is in great condition however, I want to turn it into fretless. I've heard that it's price may lower, but I really want to have a fretless since that's pretty much all I've played, I currently own a 4 string fretless bass by...
  16. KIWI_BA$$

    Warwick streamer ct (chrome tone) custom

    WARWICK STREAMER CT 5 STRING - CUSTOM. This stunning bass is coated in a Ferrari red chrome finish (including headstock,) and although I have tried to photograph it in various light conditions, the bass is best viewed in person to really appreciate it's unique finish. Without question, the best...
  17. bassmansim

    FS/FT 2006 Warwick Thumb NT VI

    Hi guys I'm looking to sell my 2006 Warwick Thumb NT VI bass, or ideally trade it for a German Infinity NT V string. I've attached a bunch of photos so you can have a look. It's regular spec including the ebony fingerboard. The only change I have made is adding Schaller strap locks. Much...
  18. W

    FS: Framus Star Bass 5/150. 1964 Germany.

    Want to buy a Warwick fretless, so this has to go to contribute to that fund :P Price or Trade Value : £490 Model: 5/150 Serial Number: 22463 Made in Germany 1964. Same model range as those used by Bill Wyman. A lovely damage free example in high gloss cherry sunburst. There is age...
  19. Coreyvette

    My mind is set... I will become a luthier!

    So everybody, my dad and I have decided to start building guitars! We have all the necessary woodworking tools and an amazing local hardwood warehouse. The first bass im gonna build is kind of a minage-a-trois of a Fender J-bass, a Spector NS2, and a Warwick Streamer. Specs are: neck-thru-body...
  20. S

    Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers) signature bass idea/discussion.

    I've been looking at these signature basses, an of course, they are amazing (but at least 15x my instrument budget), and I was thinking, "What if they made a signature bass for Flea?". I'm sure they have considered it, and it wouldn't surprise me if it was in development now or already...
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