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  1. golem

    Annoying Bass Related Remarks (rant)

    The first minute is waaaaaay cool. I quit immediately after that extended intro.
  2. golem

    Chester "corvette" Copy

    Chet Atkins signature bass ?
  3. golem

    Who Are The Lefties Here?

    Same here except I never shave. Very grateful I was taught bass right handed from the first day. I was never told to look for a lefty bass. Only told to look for a “$50 bass”. Lowest I could find was $60. Had never known about lefty basses. Before first lesson on my $60 bass I was offered 3...
  4. golem

    Restoring Framus Strato Bass 1963

    Welcome ! Or at least consider yourself welcome after posting pix of that ax. Tradition demands pix. No pix, no such ax ! Not a matter of distrust. Just our list for porn. Phone pix is fine. Whatever gets it done.
  5. golem

    Bass Bridge Help

    If you have a bass routed for a Warwick bridge then you must use a Warwick bridge. Are you familiar with the Warwick bridge, also with its adjustments and its tailpiece ? There are a few exceptions. Some very early Warwicks and a very few economy models use conventional bridges. The Streamer...
  6. golem

    Framus / Warwick Haven't Posted On Twitter In Over 1.5 Years

    Let’s panic. After that we should indulge in dire speculation, followed by rending of garments and great gnashing of teeth.
  7. golem

    Pickup Position For A Fretless Bass

    Cobalt flats are my fave for nonpiezo basses. Also the very similar GHS Bright Flats which I believe are ground or compressed to flat from round wire during winding. Surface feel is less smooth, very slightly RW in texture. These don’t have any of the magnetic boost of cobalt, so they are...
  8. golem

    Pickup Position For A Fretless Bass

    No swapping for me. For me, fretted is special case, limited purpose. Basically for unfavorable conditions that I strive to avoid. If I cannot hear myself well, and loud geetards are bending strings, then I have no reference for my intonation. I intone to my band mates, not to an absolute scale...
  9. golem

    Warwick Vs Spector...

    I have had a Czechtor, two USA Spectors, and a bunch of Wicks. All are bolt necks so it’s a proper comparison. The Spectors were too hot, so went bye bye. OTOH maybe my Thumb is even hotter ... and might follow the Spectors. Did I mention that I have some other basses as well ? Should I start a...
  10. golem

    Pickup Position For A Fretless Bass

    . The “secret” is that a bass configured to be a snappy, bright fretted bass is also the best configuration for FL. My intro to “the secret” was a MM StingRay FL. Waaaaay back I owned no StingRays and no FL. Occasionally I’d grab a (fretted) Ray in a shop cuz I was trying to figure out why...
  11. golem

    Pickup Position For A Fretless Bass

    I just got a close look at the pic of that ax with the swinging PU. Way cool design but for myself I’d put the pivot on the other end. I’m less concerned where the PU hears the low strings ... although I’d put pivot near the bridge ... but I want the higher strings to sound deeper if my key...
  12. golem

    My First New Bass In 2 Years

    . Thank you. I’ll look up the Wartburg. I’m sooprized I’m unfamiliar, as I still have scars from crashing head on in a Borgward !
  13. golem

    My First New Bass In 2 Years

    IIRC Wolfsburg is in the Federal Republic ... although I think our most local source of VWs around here is in Tennessee. Seems to me that the closest approximation of an actual real automobile ever produced in the GDR was the Trabant ?
  14. golem

    My First New Bass In 2 Years

    . Country of origin ... IIRC (correct me if needed) aren’t my wonderful Wicks made in the former GDR ? My career day job was photography, and back then you’d NEVER trust anything from there. Times do change !
  15. golem

    Let's See Those Fretless Basses

    . Had a six once, with 19mm spacing ... neck like an aircraft carrier. All that huge neck wood really resonated ! But got tired of reaching over the C-string ... there were no notes on it that I cared about :-( Even tried detuning an extra D-string to use as a deeper C. Made me crazy. If I...
  16. golem

    Four String Basses Are Obsolete

    Thaz what it is.
  17. golem

    Four String Basses Are Obsolete

    i do have fanned frets on my 42 .... wellll sort of. They’re invisible. I always tune the D a bit sharp and the G even more sharp. Acoarst I do the same thing to my 34 ;-)
  18. golem

    Four String Basses Are Obsolete

    Okeedokee ..... Ignore the black mute/damper between the PU and the bridge. When I’m playing it’s usually closer to the bridge. Strung like this it feels normal. Left hand comes from below, right hand comes from above, each hand encounters strings right where it always would on a regular...
  19. golem

    Four String Basses Are Obsolete

    . Well I see it totally opposite to that. Got no use for bassists that act like geetards. The thing that Leo really fugged up was not the string count. It was in adding all those geetaresque metal speed bumps. WTF was he thinking ?!?!?
  20. golem

    Four String Basses Are Obsolete

    Got two wide neck fives here that are simply NOT available as same ax minus the ‘B’. Both are minus the ‘B’ my way. They’re now EADG and the empty spots are the ‘B’ slot on the nut and the ‘G’ spot on the bridge. The strings run slightly diagonally. Both basses have very large radius FBs. I...
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