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  1. StoneAje

    How long til my bass gets Sam River'ed?

    I'm not even sure I know what I'm looking at in either of those pics. Are you saying the darker part was the finish that is wearing off or is just dirt/gunk buildup? It almost looks like it was done with cheap black paint that peeled off easy or something; Not what I am accustomed to seeing on a WW.
  2. StoneAje

    Bulb Compressor - Streamer LX 6

    Great work man!
  3. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    The reason it makes sense to me to tune in BDADG is I look at drop D like standard tuning with the E dropped to D no matter how many strings. If I had a 7 string and tuned drop D I would tune F#BDADGC and just add or take away strings from that so mentally when I'm improvising I can visualize...
  4. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    You must have misinterpreted my posts Florin. One main point was a direct response to thefitz by saying that there are great musicians that use both standard and alternate tunings as well as lack luster ones. I, like you, had to highlight that there are also good players that play outside of...
  5. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    Need I really explain to you the difference between horned instruments and stringed instruments? Besides that terrible argument you need to think about the kind of music the op is trying to play. Since he is drop tuned I'm assuming it's closer to hard rock that jazz. In funk or jazz music...
  6. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    @thefitz I don't understand what's wrong with tuning BDADG. That's the standard way to tune drop D with a 5 string. I can think of a ton of reasons why that makes more sense that seem so obvious that I don't want to go into that right now. About the "technical" thing I didn't mean bands...
  7. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    To answer this question, generally it probably wouldn't matter but depending on the fingering of the riff and the way good guitarists like to do stretches it can very easily become too weird of a fingering to play at all. I know in my band that definitely wouldn't work. My guitarist writes some...
  8. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    You're kidding right? You don't know what the word technical means? I'll spell it out for you. I meant music that's not $%^#ing super simple and easy to play. You know, bands that dare to venture beyond that so beloved 4 chord structure style, can play outside of 4/4 and take their instruments...
  9. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    I'm sorry brother, I normally enjoy your posts but I cannot stand by this in any manor. True notes are notes and it's really important to be able to transpose in your head if necessary but I dare you to try and play technical music in a different tuning than the guitar. Most of the time it won't...
  10. StoneAje

    drop c tunig in a 5 string bass

    My band is in drop B and I play a lot of technical parts so floppy strings didn't work for me. Tuning down I used to use a .164 for my low G# to keep it tight so the strings didn't clank everywhere. I was paying for custom heavy strings to play low and it didn't even sound that great. I was...
  11. StoneAje

    Thumb Nt 7-string Fretless V.1

    Sexy, sexy! Apparently it's really hard for people to find snakewood big enough for a 4 string fingerboard. WW puts it all over 6's and 7's!!
  12. StoneAje

    Thumb SC with 35-inch scale?

    I also remembered it only being BO in 35" but I can't find the price list anymore to check. So did we confirm that if it's on there now? I don't personally think 35 is necessary but depending on your string preference, tuning etc. I can see why you would like it. As far as the wrist thing goes I...
  13. StoneAje

    Post your 1-pickup Warwick bass here!

    Awesome looking basses! I would kill for a Hellborg sig or a Streamer Pro M. Someday I'll own a one pickup bass all my own...
  14. StoneAje

    I hade to make a facelift on my new warwick!

    For some reason I normally don't like pickguards on Warwicks (or most non-traditional looking bodys) but I like it.
  15. StoneAje

    My pics/vids thread - Stoneaje - Corelia

    Ha! Either that or legolas. And yes, I didn't have the Dreamer yet so it was recorded with the Corvette except for the Red Sky Harbor studio vid, which is obviously a Thumb ;)
  16. StoneAje

    My pics/vids thread - Stoneaje - Corelia

    Thanks man, I appreciate that! Here's our official full album stream on Youtube if you want to check the rest out.
  17. StoneAje

    New Strap!

    I honestly think most straps are going to be the same (provided they have about the same stats, width, softness, material etc.) except for 2 that I have seen. The gruvgear ones with 2 straps are probably good but this one here looks to be pretty amazing. I haven't tried one yet but the...
  18. StoneAje

    My pics/vids thread - Stoneaje - Corelia

    I decided to start a thread to keep all of my new vids and pictures in one place instead of starting one every single time something new happens. The Red Sky Harbor studio video is the new addition! Here are my bands 2 studio sessions.
  19. StoneAje

    Need some dirt (Overdrive Search)

    You mentioned the Agro distorts the lows. One thing I have been paying a lot more attention to lately is how the bass is EQed before and after overdrive. I found to get the distortion I want I have to boost the highs before my overdrive more then I would normally for my bass tone and then EQ...
  20. StoneAje

    What neck dive!?

    Thanks! My band is Metal. It's something along the lines of Dream Theater, Protest the Hero and The Human Abstract (but definitely different hah). You can check it out for free here. Back on topic, I usually lean forward a lot too when I play shows. I...
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