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  1. Callum

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY thread..

    Thanks :)
  2. Callum

    Warwick Alien

    :) definitely a plan at that price! Thanks for the link! Honestly though i'm holding fire pulling the trigger until I can play one. The only person who can figure out if it suits my playing style is me!
  3. Callum

    Warwick Alien

    Ahh damn my mortality.... :) I thought John B. Williams was playing (at the time) the first fretless alien, and it happened around the time of the release of fretless aliens - which was something many people wanted. - If i'm mistaken someone please correct me! Any news on piezo sensitivity to...
  4. Callum

    Hansford Rowe explaining his "Just Intonation Bass"

    I loved the detailed explanation he gave us later on that day. And the notes are all so clear, and sound so sweet.
  5. Callum

    Warwick Alien

    Thanks for the reply! Issues like the neck radius and FB aren't deal breakers. I can happily play a warwick 'fat' neck but it is had a slimmer profile it'd be a bonus more than anything i notice my dexterity in my left hand increases with a slimmer neck. The ebony FB is purely personal...
  6. Callum

    Warwick Alien

    I'm in the market for an acoustic bass, i had a super cheap one to originally practice on but had to sell it as part of my move to finland. Unfortunately i've started to get the itch for one again, and have some cash to actually get a good one. Normally just for practice i'd grab any old...
  7. Callum

    I am cured!

    Congratulations Flo! If you're new to OSX and unix systems: Do not use an administrator account for everyday use. Have a separate admin account setup, and a regular user account. use your regular user account for everything. When it comes to installing things and accessing critical areas...
  8. Callum

    String spacing: 16.5mm - How tricky is it to get used to?

    I did that when i had my FNA - originally to aligned that strings with the pickup poles - but the extra mm gained between each string was nice :)
  9. Callum

    I think I found the key ingredient

    I personally go with the neck of the bass + fretboard, followed by the bridge. Always seemed for me at least it was the change in the neck that made the biggest change to the character of a bass.
  10. Callum

    Has anypne used an active Wick with a Way Huge Pork Loin?

    I'm a proud owner of a pork loin pedal. I love it, and pretty much have it as my always on pedal. That said i've unfortunately not run a warwick through it as I got it after switching to my G&L sb-2. The pork loin matches really well for bass, no loss of low end. And the 'clean' preamp...
  11. Callum

    Big things are changing for me...

    Sorry about the updates, basically been spending the last week frantically trying to get my doctoral application in. I've got the funding for it but i've not officially gone through the whole doctoral application process. But its done and in, so thats good. My research title is 'An Embodied...
  12. Callum

    Warwick 30th anniversary!

    Sounds fun :) unfortunately i have no graphic design skills at all :( if you accept badly drawn things on napkins i'll happily submit some designs :d
  13. Callum

    Big things are changing for me...

    Well I'm in Finland safe and sound! Managed to bring my bass and a pjb buddy so i can practice :D Only had a chance to unpack and get settled in my accommodation. Tomorrow I explore the city, and luckily helsinki have time a festival for my arrival that i'll be checking out...
  14. Callum

    Big things are changing for me...

    Thanks guys, probably should update, officially i'm flying out on the 25th. Once i'm fully settled out there i'll let you all know!
  15. Callum

    Big things are changing for me...

    Thanks for the finnish, i'm sure it'll come in handy! I'll try and update as and when, atm i'm in full packing/moving mode (so much to do!)
  16. Callum

    Big things are changing for me...

    Sun?! in England?! ;) Thanks again guys! Haha Flo i'll be trying to have as much fun as possible! This Dr thing won't change me too much its just a title :) No doubt i'll be at musikmesse again though!
  17. Callum

    Can You Do It?

    Awesome covers Jester and Bassakos :) I love this thread its amazing seeing others play and the songs listed are a great inspiration for practice material!
  18. Callum

    Big things are changing for me...

    Haha yeah I honestly wasn't expecting to hear from golem! Thanks guys :) Kisu i'll be in Helsinki at Aalto university, it is nice to know there is a good music store about!
  19. Callum

    Big things are changing for me...

    So i've not been around the forum at all for ages and it looks like i'm not going to have a lot of time to hang around here in the future as well. The past year I have been in my final year at university and am proud to say I am now a Masters of Engineering in Electronic Engineering with...
  20. Callum

    Happy Birthday Greg!!!!

    Happy Birthday!
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