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  1. shaftbass

    what are you driving?

    It is black.
  2. shaftbass

    what are you driving?

    I had to go all-in. Black Mustang GT is gone. 66 Fairlane is gone. 2018 ZL1 Camaro. 650hp. A10 transmission.
  3. shaftbass

    =The Warwick Streamer Club=

    Backdoors? :D
  4. shaftbass

    Apologies To All

    Goddammit, Kimgee!
  5. shaftbass

    =The Warwick Streamer Club=

    Mine now.
  6. shaftbass

    Playing Live…. Better Bass Vs Better Cab

    Depends on what you start with.
  7. shaftbass

    Post Performance Depression

    Yes. It happens immediately after a really good gig to me. A good way to cure it is to make sure you have something else good lined up very soon after - a solid schedule of shows. Also if you play a lot of big shows and tour and then are not touring anymore, that can get depressing. Also...
  8. shaftbass

    All-tube Amps Rule!!

    This thread is called "All Tube Amps Rule!!" - should it instead be "All-Tube Amps Rule!!" ? :D
  9. shaftbass

    All-tube Amps Rule!!

    SVT-2 Pro is my next amp. I have a killer USA SVT-4 that's just had all the soldering reflowed, jacks replaced, and tubes replaced by a factory-authorized Ampeg tech with all Ampeg parts + any service bulletin items performed. It's truly bad-ass. I can't decide if I'll keep it and get the...
  10. shaftbass

    Opinions On Metal Fingerboards?

    I've not played one, but would like to, and if I found the bass and its feel & tone to fit me and be useful, I would consider owning one.
  11. shaftbass

    Lined Fretless Fretboard Repair

    I wouldn't be so sure. I have a factory 02 unlined fretless Stage II 5, and it did come from the factory that way (verified the serial with Warwick) but there are side-dot holes, or rather remnants, in the positions you'd see for a fretted bass. Made me assume someone converted it after the...
  12. shaftbass

    Which Instrument Did You Play Before You Played Bass?

    Raised organ/skin flute.
  13. shaftbass

    SSI 5 MEC Preamp Dead?

    I've had two MEC 3-band preamps from the early-2000s era go bad. Replaced with Aguilar OBP-3. All is well in the world. Alternatively, EMG stuff is really nice, and solder-less.
  14. shaftbass

    Chatbox Disabled

    Chat rooms on forum websites have always been fatal. Too much discussion that is fleeting and gone in a single scroll. Defeats the whole purpose of a message board, because if you're not there in that moment during the chat, you mean nothing to the forum or the conversation.
  15. shaftbass

    Anyone Ever Fitted Emg Jazz Pickups To An '80s Thumb 5

    My 86 (sold now) had EMG from the factory. I mean, like all basses, if they fit, just wire them up properly. If not, have the bass routed for them if it's important to you.
  16. shaftbass

    First Time You Saw/heard A Warwick?

    311's ETSD VHS tape in 1996. "Wtf is that bass?" (all I had used was Fenders at that point)
  17. shaftbass

    Usb Preamp Charge Life

    To me, I charge all the time like a phone. I am not sure of battery-death rates. Keep it 100% before any gig, and as long as the battery doesn't malfunction, you should be good tens of hours past its ending.
  18. shaftbass

    Framus / Warwick Expanding In The Us ?

    I believe this was in the works long before the CITES regulations. I am talking to Warwick about doing the IT installation at the new place. It really just amounts to a different distribution system. Nothing major, really.
  19. shaftbass

    Usb Preamp Charge Life

    You can probably find more info on or about this page: Universal Rechargeable Battery Pack | Fishman
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