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  1. zomnius

    For Sale: Lots Of Stuff For Sale!

    Hi, sorry to read this. Well if you've got skills, go and exploit them yourself maybe. You can do it. You don't have to deal with employers' age discrimination..think about it.. Happy Holliday's!
  2. zomnius

    =The Warwick Streamer Club=

    wow what a stunner
  3. zomnius

    Things To Do When Stuck At Home

    write bass & Keys on the new album tracks, besides working and BBQ-ing, beer, repeat
  4. zomnius

    Mannheim Guitar Summit 27-29/09/2019

    Interesting, Ill check the agenda
  5. zomnius

    For Sale: Warwick Buzzard Ltd

    Well late response hahaha, just trad about Schloba Custom 5 str/ bottlecabs msg. Now that could be interesting depending on the bottlecaps amount that is ;). Cheers, Zom
  6. zomnius

    Hellborg Blowout At Thomann

    Why is iT so good then ?
  7. zomnius


    love the : Jerzy Drozd Mastery 5 Custom @ wow!
  8. zomnius

    Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!

  9. zomnius

    Too Early To Start Pondering The 2019 Ltd Bass?????

    I would think of a cool Metallica rock bass Ltd version. Or somthing like that to boost the brand and Sales Numbers and to have more enthusiasticz enjoy the warwick coolness.
  10. zomnius

    For Sale: Warwick Buzzard Ltd

    Hmm so i have to save 4 customshop bottlecaps...that is so awesome.... meanwhile i think I can try to tune down. And get the neck adjusted to it. Could that be a problem? (We play in de so my low is an A)...
  11. zomnius

    For Sale: Warwick Buzzard Ltd

    I am looking for a 5 string Buzzard NT..... maybe a swap +/- cash etc or whatever..
  12. zomnius

    Sold! 1985 Warwick Thumb Bass Jd

    hahahah sell the baby.....
  13. zomnius

    Zon Sonus 4

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