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  1. DiMarco

    DG Alpha Omega pedal delete to AO900?

    For me, everything. I don't always get to play through my own stack when gigging, especially at festivals so I like to create my tone entirely on the pedalboard instead.
  2. DiMarco

    DG Alpha Omega pedal delete to AO900?

    Don't. I have a number of overdrives and keep bouncing between them deciding which is the best... But there is no 'best' there, just 'different'. From the DG product range your A-O is the most flexible and it works great with Thumb Basses.
  3. DiMarco

    For Sale: Thumb NT6 1990

  4. DiMarco

    Quilt Maple Grade AAA AAAA AAAAA ??????????

    Glad to see that question finally answered after 10 years. Been waiting all that time!
  5. DiMarco

    For Sale: Thumb NT6 1990

    Nope all the stink is gone from that gigbag. It had been used by a person living on an old freight ship. Ended up throwing it into the washing machine which helped.
  6. DiMarco

    For Sale: Thumb NT6 1990

    Here's the deal you've been waiting for. I am selling the beast. Why? Because I want a new 3D graphics card for my gaming PC and own too many basses. Everything on this bass works as intended. Two things I should however mention: 1. When you take off the strings the neck bends backwards. This...
  7. DiMarco

    WTH? My local amp tech does not want to work on my Framus Cobra. Need help please

    Not from around there, but this site might help. I ironically took Mesa as a starting point.
  8. DiMarco

    Gibson Suing Everything And Everyone...

    Fender should do the same.
  9. DiMarco

    Incoming!!! (show Us Your New Stuff Before You Actually Have It)

    The low pass and high pass controls on it work very radical. Take your time to get their settings right they make a day and night difference to your sound. Be sure to watch Chris K's video on the unit.
  10. DiMarco

    Mudvayne is back...

    Don't know if he is now an endorser of the Fodera brand, but I do know Fodera do not give instruments to endorsees. Everything has to be payed for. My guess is Ryan already owned a Fodera or two and just wanted something different for a change but along the same line of thinking that went into...
  11. DiMarco

    Humbling to say the least...

    I had some mail exchanges with the man considering some of my ideas. (the idolmaker bass model before it existed, a single cut dolphin model). Always open for ideas and the typical little bits of deutsch mixed into the english language. Remarkable company this Warwick thing.
  12. DiMarco

    =The Warwick Thumb Club=

  13. DiMarco

    Mudvayne is back...

    Oh and I just saw a live clip from that gig. Their singer is one of the worst I have ever heard. Completely rubbish.
  14. DiMarco

    Mudvayne is back...

    Fodera made Sonus with Thumb Pickups and a failed yin yang.
  15. DiMarco

    Barrel jack size?

    Yes you can.
  16. DiMarco

    FNA preamp/pickup issue

    Open up the control cavity and see if there is a trim pot on the preamp. If it is there, it controls the gain going into the preamp from the pickups. 99% chance turning that down somewhat will fix your problem.
  17. DiMarco

    Barrel jack size?

    Switchcraft panelmount TRS and Göldo J002G (stereo) is what I used.
  18. DiMarco

    Show Your Pedalboards (Evo) Then

    ... and then the band decided to add some Muse songs to the setlist again. That means octaver, fizzy fuzz, envelope phaser for just 'plugin baby' alone. Sigh too many pedals for a bass player! Pickle handles big fuzz, giygas more mellow, organic fuzz. Alpha-Omicron big dirt, YYZ just a hint of...
  19. DiMarco

    About us...

    Reddit... Thanks for the thumbs up, Wood643.
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