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Warwick Thumb Nt

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  1. BrusselsBass
    "'88 FL4"
    Pros - A sound that cuts like a hot knife through butter. Fretless no deadspots at all.
    Cons - Playing not easy on the low end - bit of neck dive.
    Thumb 88 H1416-05.jpg
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  2. Florin
    "One of the best basses ever built!"
    Pros - It has a very distinctive signature sound.
    No deadspots, incredible sustain, equal sound from lowest to highest note. Cuts through the mix like no other bass.
    Cons - Weight - it is a heavy bass
    Playing position - the short upper horm makes it a bit difficult to play lower positions.
    Neckdive - yes it has a bit of neckdive
    The sound may not be everybody's cup of tea...
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