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Warwick Streamer Lx

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  1. Nachobassman
    "Warwick´s best hidden secret"
    Pros - Punch and tone for days.
    Easy on the shoulders.
    Cons - Coloured-oil finish gets scratches very easy.
    I bought my `09 Streamer LX4 used, without playing it, or any LX, before and it was "love at first play".
    I really like the attack and articulation of the sound. It could sound really bright with steel strings, so if you need a mellower sound it is better to use almost-dead strings or nickels. Sometimes I find myself cutting some highs on the bass´ EQ

    I use it in my rock/funk/weird power trio Orange Taste and in cover bands, from ABBA to Thin Lizzy to Mötley Crue, and it always delivers.

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