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Warwick Infinity Sn Tcs

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  1. Achille
    "Fantastic design and construction"
    Pros - Looks, sound, tone chamber system, deep neck pocket, unique shape
    Cons - Very fat neck
    The Infinity SN TCS is something special, there are not many out there and its zebra wood makes it look fantastic.
    I do not hear much difference with a solid body without the tonal chambers however the sound is definitely massive, full of lows.
    Be aware of the neck, fat and chunky, not everyone's taste.
    I own the 5 strings version, will never sell it
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  2. Nachobassman
    "A really beast"
    Pros - Huge sound.
    Fantastic looks.
    Cons - Heavy.
    A powerful, versatil and stunning instrument. It has a low-mids growl that cuts on almost every mix, but you have to choose wisely your strings.

    The only downside, in my experience, is the weight. Nothing that a wide and well padded strap won´t help to solve.


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