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Review Warwick Buzzard "the Buzztard" Custom Shop

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  1. Hardy
    "Greetings from a happy owner!"
    Pros - All my dreams came true.
    Cons - Not a bass for everyones taste.
  2. Florin
    "The closest Buzzard to "The real Deal""
    Pros - I don't know where to start!
    Cons - I need both my kidneys...
    In 1987 I visited the factory in Markneukirchen, and HP Wilfer allowed me to test all the basses I wanted. I think I tested over 100 Warwicks, LOL!!!

    The bass that blew my mind was a black Buzzard Je. The feeling was insane. This big bird on my shoulders was soo huge, you feel like Terminator when playing it. STill it was very comfortable.
    HP told me this used to belong to John Entwistle...
    I owned the black LTD Buzzard, that all reviews claim it is the closest Buzzard to "The real deal" With all my love for big birds, I couldn't play it, it was too heavy, neck too large, I don't know... It was too much of a bass for me!
    And then I had the chance of trying this one :)

    I dont know, the thin neck, the smaller (I mean standard) nut size, I just had that feeling back.
    This bass sound insane, and it is extremely comfortable!
    Congrats buddy!