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Two Notes Le Bass

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  • Power:
    124 x 189 x 50 (mm) – 4.88 x 7.44 x 1.97 (in)
    Instrument in, midi in, fxloop return
    amp out, thru (parallel output), D.I. out, midi out, fxloop send, headphones out
    EQ / Controls:
    Two channels: bass and treble on clean channel A, bass, mid (with sweep), treble on overdrive channel B. Separate gain and volume on each channel. Channels can be combined in 'fusion' mode either in series or parallel mode. Fusion mode has a blend dial between the channels.
    €285 / $299 / £234
    Other Specs:
    Simple 8x10 cab sim can be switched on/off on the D.I. and headphone output.

Recent User Reviews

  1. DiMarco
    "Why didn't I buy this any sooner"
    Pros - Really brings your tone to life in the mix, great sounding tube overdrive, effortless practicing and recording on the road.
    Cons - Jack inputs and outputs contain plastic - prone to break from heavy use when you're not careful
    Everyone here knows I am a tube amp evangelist. I completely spoiled myself by using tube amps, loving the way they respond to your playing and their warm, lively tone.

    Like many however I find dragging a 30kg amp back and forth every week a bit too much of the good stuff. For this reason I have tried several other options to obtain the tone and response of a tube amp. For instance a Tech21 VT500 amp, which sounds much like an old Ampeg but lacks the responsiveness of real tubes.

    So now I have tried a new approach; a lightweight amp that has little or no colouration. I got myself both a Trace Elliot (Peavey) Elf and a Warwick LWA 1000. The latter is a brutally honest amp, what goes in comes out. The EQ on the LWA is okay except for the bass dial which imo dials in too much lower mids along with the lows. But okay, I need the amp to be pretty much transparent as in this new approach I am sculpting my tone 100% on the pedalboard. I went out searching for either a tube compressor or a tube preamp to warm up my tone and give me the response of tubes.

    There are quite some options here, a number of small manufacturers sell tube pre's but after searching the interweb extensively for a while I came up with three options:

    • A Noble tube preamp
    • An EHX Black Finger tube compressor
    • A Two Notes Le Bass preamp
    The Noble was scratched from the list quickly after finding out about its ridiculous price. Out of this world, ain't gonna happen, not in a million years. Yes, a thousand bucks. Completely ridiculous!

    I have a love/hate relation with Electro Harmonix products. Half their pedals I have owned broke or experienced problems while using them. This made me hesitate about the Black Finger even though I have heard good things about it and Amos of Tesseract is using one for the same purpose I would need it for.

    So I went for the Le Bass - and never regretted it so far.

    Now for the review: I will be brief.

    The EQ on it works great. It seems to pre-shape the tone a bit and I find myself cutting on both the bass and treble sides when using my amps with their regular EQ settings. Putting the amp EQ's neutral makes everything sound just right with the Le Bass channel A EQ neutral too.

    The overdrive channel on the Le Bass rivals my Darkglass pedals. I removed the Alpha-Omega from my pedalboard and now use the overdrive on the Le Bass instead. It sounds lively and responsive and more mid centered then the A-O. Although I still love the A-O a lot and it might return to the pedalboard so I can use one for mild dirt and the other for brutal dirt. One thing worth noticing is the overdrive is fizzy when using a cab with tweeter full open. This might just be the 12AX7 tube still needing to break in though...

    Input and output options on the Le Bass are plenty, it has its own fxloop, a thru output and the D.I. plus headphone output with optional cabsim which emulates an 8x10 cab. While not the best cabsim in the world I find it sounding very pleasing and it does solve your FOH sound to be overly fizzy when using the overdrive or a fuzz pedal.

    What I like about this pre most though, is it has the responsiveness and lively tone I was looking for. It makes my otherwise overly hi-fi sounding class D amps come to live in a big way.

    Ace pedal! It is always on.