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Trace Elliot Transit B

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  • Power:
    312mm W x 114mm D x 58.4mm H (12.3" W x 4.5" D x 2.3" H)
    Instrument and aux
    instrument level, line level, headphones, D.I. pre, D.I. post
    EQ / Controls:
    Five band EQ, Drive with blend, Low and High compression, Gain, Output volume, Bass enhancement, Active/Passive input, Mute/Tuner mode
    399 euro

Recent User Reviews

  1. DiMarco
    "Swiss army knife bass pre"
    Pros - Very flexible EQ, great compressor, good overdrive, oldskool trace pre-shape, all in one solution
    Cons - The bass enhancement function should have been a footswitch rather then a little optional button, and if you have big feet the size of the unit might be a bit on the smallish side for you.
    Just in, it makes my basslines sound more fluid and punchy with the right setting and I have the basic things I need all integrated into a single unit rather then having to drag along an fxboard. I can play through any amp with it as all the tone shaping sits right there at my feet now.

    Will review properly after I have used it for some time.

    Edit: extensively and thoroughly tested the pre for a week now. Here's what I now think of all its options, ordered from left to right on the pedal:

    Tuner/mute: Awesome. Works like a charm. Tuning is easy and quick, it picks up the low B better then a lot of dedicated tuner pedals out there.

    Compressor: Maybe the best feature in this preamp. It really beefs up your tone without squashing it. Can compete with 200+ euro compressor pedals on the market and probably beat them. I know since I also own a Cali76cb and previsously owned Darkglass Supersymmetry and Markbass Compressore pedals. The Trace Elliot is easier to use and produces great tone just like the old dedicated SMX compressor they made. Worldclass.

    EQ: VERY usable. Five bands. The low dial is not a shelving type. For deep dub like subs you can use the bass enhancement knob on the pedal and oh boy does it go deep then. Anyway, the low dial itself is more useful because of this. It only dials in the low end you want, not the deep subs. Treble dial is really treble, not higher mids like on a lot of bass amps (Ampeg, Mesa, Fender etc). Because if this it is easy to create both modern tight trebbly tone and oldskool tone alike. The other three bands (lower mids, mids, higher mids) are each located at smart and very usable frequencies. While playing I found myself only using the Transit EQ and leaving the EQ sections on my amps at neutral as the Transit is doing a much better job at it. This EQ actually improves your tone instead of just shaping it. Also worldclass.

    Overdrive: It works and you can really use it in the mix. It does however sound pretty plain and flat compared to some of the hottest overdrives that are currently on the market. My Darkglass Alpha-Omega offers a much richer tonal palette and sounds more lively and organic. I will keep dragging the Darkglass along when I need overdrive so there goes the "one pedal does it all" plan. I do not think I will ever use the overdrive on the Transit in hefty situations, maybe only to dial in some mild dirt and use the Darkglass for spanking audiences instead.

    Pre-Shape: I own a couple of old Trace Elliot amps and have owned more of them in the past. The pre-shape on the Transit, while built under Peavy flag, completely NAILS the classic Trace Elliot pre-shape slap scooperdyscoop tone. Downside to this is you will sound very late eighties when you do. But if you enjoy this by all means do. I am not using the feature but it felt like I was warped back in time when I did and that is awesome by itself.


    Verdict: KEEPER. Having such a powerful EQ and great compression in a pedal along with a great tuner and actually usable overdrive means I can walk in with my bass and the pedal, hook it up to any existing rig which I set up to sound neutral and sound great. Inside my own band it will be part of a bigger fxboard as I still need my wah, octaver, fuzz and the better sounding Darkglass overdrive. I will however no longer hook up the Cali76 and tuner pedals as they are obsolete with the Transit B in place. I have the Transit B getting its power from the 450mA 9v output on my Voodoo labs ISO5 powersupply without any problem.
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