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Tech 21 Sansamp Programmable Bddi

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  • Pedal Type:
    Bass overdrive/Preamp/D.I.
    1 x 9V
    1 x instrument
    One 1/4" jack. One balanced D.I.
    3 channels for user presets.

    Controls for:
    -XLR out Pad switch
    -1/4" out boost switch
    -XLR Phantom power & ground switch.
    Other Specs:
    -9V "Boss type" AC/DC input
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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nachobassman
    "My "desert island" pedal"
    Pros - Versatile.
    D.I. / Pre-amp/ Overdrive in one box.
    Cons - None.
    3 channel, programmable version of the classic "Sansamp BDDI". A serious bass player tool, no matter if you are a seasoned Pro or an amateur.
    A true "industry standard" in bass overdrive and D.I.
    I never go out to a gig or recording without my Sansamp. :)

    Some sample sound where this pedal was used on the recording:
    Prisión (para el rock n´ roll), by Guanche

  2. Florin
    "Best little box ever made!"
    Pros - Helps any bass sound awesome!
    Very good build quality, strong and reliable.
    Good DI sound
    Cons - None I can think of.
    Ok, it can make your bass sound a bit "generic" if you mix the blend too much.
    I owned one a few years and took it to all my gigs. Great pedal! It also has a really nice and useable distortion sound!
    Highly recommended if you want a great sound without buying tons of gear!
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