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Tc Electronics Bg250-208

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    I have a love/hate relationship with my SWR rig. I love it. Except at 2am when it's time to load everything in the trunk after the show.

    OK. I admit. I bought this combo on a whim. I wanted a lightweight combo just in case. I already had the SWR 550x head, the SWR 8x8, and the Markbass Ninja 2x12. My goal was to have an arry of solutions depending on the venues I played. From very small with just this amp, to slightly bigger coupled with the 2x12... and then some other implying the 550X head and the 8x8 Henry cab.

    Its a small combo, more or less 47x32x30cm. less than 12kg. It has a built in tuner, which is always nice. And a TonePrint knob, which was supposed to be a gadget.
    The fan is a bit noisey when it's silent.

    I'll start with the flaws : the EQ is a nightmare. TC Electronics calls it "Intelligent 3 band EQ section with Dynamic Tone Contouring" meaning that when you plug your bass, set everything to 12, and start turning the knobs, it activiates an intelligence that says : hey, he turn a knob so let's change the boosted frequencies of the others, and try to lose him in his settings.
    Honestly ? It's just feckud up. (yes, feckud) Basically, you boost one frequency, you think it's OK, but when you cut... well, it's a DIFFERENT frequency ! I hate it. It took me some time to get used to it, I found a way to get a tone I like, especially as it is not very colourful, and pretty hifi, like SWR. (without the midscoop, and a bit less of clarity)

    For the rest, it's everything I asked for. The TonePrint knob started as a gadget (it's always fun to load a preset through your phone), but I actually love it. I'm not an effect guy, so I only use a few things : mainly the SpectraComp, and the Valvetone, and then some phaser here and there.

    It has become my main rig for any live situation : paired with the Markbass Ninja 2x12, it delivers 250W through 2x8 and 2x12, so the volume on stage is loud enough. In bars it's more than enough.
    The GREAT thing is the DI. Pre or Post (you can choose), it's solid, and the soundguys I've seen all loved what was going out of this little combo.
    But the BEST thing about it is that at 2am when you have to load everuthung back in the trunk, he whole rig with the 2x12 is just 30kg.
    [email protected], [email protected]
    465 x 320 x 292 mm
    EQ / Controls:
    Intelligent 3 band EQ section with Dynamic Tone Contouring
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