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Fender Usa Marcus Miller Signature V

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  1. DiMarco
    "The time Fender got it right without Leo"
    Pros - Playability, comfort and tone are great
    Cons - Active pre is boost only, there's no passive tone control
    What, a Fender?

    I know many Warwick players like to make fun about Fender basses but please hear me out on this one.

    I have owned and still own quite a number of different basses; lots of Warwicks (sold them all!), some Musicman, Alembic, Zon, Rickenbackers. I still own one Zon Sonus 5, two Rickenbackers and the mandatory Precision Bass (everyone should own one of those imho, roots baby!).

    What, no Warwicks?

    In my quest for lively organic, yet modern tone I found that, after trying a large number of Warwick models, that the ones with MEC pickups all sound too sterile and cold for what I want. While this growly Warwick tone in itself IS a quality, it is not a quality I am looking for. No pun intended, for the same reason I sold the Zon Sonus Special which was the best playing bass I have owned yet but sounded too sterile for me.

    But why this particular Jazz bass then?

    I love the flexibility of active basses, I love a slap tone that stings and is as "in your face" as possibly possible and finally I have always loved the Jazz Bass shape - they look awesome.

    For slap tone, Marcus Miller holds the holy grail.


    Like I said, the slap tone coming out of this monster is really really REALLY good. Besides that when you dig in playing finger style or with a pick it gets a bit of that much desired zing from the strings and frets colliding. The overall tone compared to my Warwicks (as a reference): The fender has more ballsy low end then even the Dolphin Pro 1's and Streamer Stage 1 and 2 I owned. The active preamp is somewhat limited and is boost only. I never use the treble dial, only boost the low end somewhat depending on what stack I am playing through. When switched to passive mode, it still sounds great. In both active and passive mode the bass is more responsive then most other active basses I have owned.

    Quality, playability

    The lightweight tuners are great, the truss rod never needs adjustment, the internal shielding could have been better but this doesn't really bother me. The fretwork and finish are of outstanding quality and the bridge with its string thru body design is also great. Nice work from the boys & girls at Fender here!


    Wow. The Zon Sonus is now my backup five string bass.