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Electro Harmonix Mel9 Tape Replay Machine

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  • Pedal Type:
    2.25" x 4.0" x 4.75"
    1 x 1/4"
    2x 1/4" (effect, dry)
    1 duck
    €239 / $221.30 / £204.00
    9.6v psu included
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  1. DiMarco
    "Mellotron sounds in a 3 piece band"
    Pros - Sounds very much like the real deal and is polyphonic
    Cons - Is very input sensitive, it takes practice to play through it properly
    Yes! Smellotroon!

    What is it?

    Those of you who like oldskool prog music like I do will instantly recognize the rich atmospheric sound of the Mellotron, which was a little keyboard that played tape loops when you hit the keys (the worlds first sampler?).

    Awesome bands like Yes, Moody Blues, King Crimson etc. leaned heavily on the Mellotron's rich sound. In later times Radiohead and the Lennon Claypool Delirium have been utilizing it.

    In use

    I have only been using it to play the keyboard choir part of Radiohead's "Exit music" so far and I can tell you that playing like a keyboard player on a stringed instrument is HARD to pull off but with this pedal it is very rewarding.

    Since I am the bassist in our band and I am using a 20 fret Fender I had to pull the range of my instrument up one octave in order to be able to play notes that are high enough. For this I am using a Digitech Bass Whammy and it has been behaving exemplary, not a glitch to be found in the tracking.


    The Mel9 is quirky in its response. I have been using it with five basses and two guitars and it is responding a lot louder up till the 10th fret then it does beyond that with any of the instruments. This means you have to adjust how hard you play to the position on the neck you are playing at. Not everyone will be able to get along with the pedal because of this...


    But that sound is just so awesome! So I will master this beast no matter what. This one is a keeper!

    Songs to be learned: King Crimson - The court of the crimson king, Yes - And you and I, the Beatles - Strawberry fields.
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