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Dsm Omnicabsim Deluxe - Full Settings Demo

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    you can dial in any cabinet you can think of.

    what do you like...

    vintage 810 with an open back?
    Modern 212 modular with a closed back and a flat mid centre?
    Clanky 90's mid heavy beast with a semi open back?
    Tight, Uber clean Hifi 410?
    broken sounding 70's ampeg?

    It can do all that and more. My favourite thing about the DSM OmniCabSim is how you can take your current rig and add more of a vintage vibe or to modern up a old school amp, or put it at the end of your pedalboard and send a huge tone to FOH and blend it in with you on-stage sound for the biggest live sound you've ever had.
    Runs on a boss style 9vlt power supply. Does not take batteries.
    Same size as a Darkglass B7k
    1/4 inch iput
    affected 1/4 out, unaffected 1/4 inch out and XLR out.
    about $360-400 AUD (obviously shipping costs and import taxes may change this)
    AUX in
    High quality headphone out
    Powerful gain. Perfect for boosting up passive bass levels or trimming down hot pickups.

    because the video is very long i will post times for certain parts. As advised by Daniel (Mr DSM), i use a slightly dirty tone to showcase more the full affect of each setting. Super clean tones are also affected, its just not as drastic.

    bass specific settings start at 07:45
    mid/punch settings start at 11:36
    cab resonance towards the very end.

    Signal chain was an Empress compressor (4:1 ratio), slightly level boosted Darkglass Vintage deluxe with a small eq scoop, sentry noise gate then the CabSim. Bass used was a 2016 Warwick Thumb NT 5 with Eq set flat, both pickups on. Fresh DR high beam strings.

    jamming and tone fiddling through the entire thing
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