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Darkglass Electronics B7k

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  1. Adrian Ciuplea
    "Great pedal for Model Metal Bass Tones"
    Pros - Distortion has a great voicing and texture. Play it with a pick and you won't regret it

    Really useful tool, DI sounds great. I only tested it a couple of times, but I've got great feedback from the FOH
    Cons - The Blue led kills my eyes on stage. Is so strong and focused, that all it takes is one direct look at the pedalboard and I can't see a thing... must blink repeatedly to regain clear vision. Crazy, right?

    It does not have a second switch, to separately activate the drive. However, this issue seems to be resolved in the new pedal B7k Ultra
  2. Florin
    "The only pedal I use"
    Pros - Awesome growling sound! It has a cool signature growl.
    Cons - It can sound a bit boomy. EQ does not have the exact frequencies I am looking for. (this is subjective) DI out quality seems not to match the price tag.
    I own it for 1-2 year, I don't remember, it is the only pedal I use! And I use it all the time, and it is ON all the time. That's how much I like it's sound!
    I don't really like the EQ controls, and I feel like the DI out signal quality is a bit weak, especially for it's price tag.
    I don't care, I am still using it :)